Seiya Kou's Picture Shrine

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(*= not a screen shot)

Seiya looking up in shadow

Seiya yelling

Seiya with glasses on He looks kinda ticked don't ya think?

Seiya and Usagi (with little lights infont of them?)

Usagi and Seiya standing infont of each other

Seiya laying down

Seiya yelling with his arm stretched out This is when he tells the outer senshi he won't see Usagi anymore :(

A bandaged Seiya

Seiya worked up a sweat

Usagi looking at a screen with Seiya on it

Seiya squinting?

Seiya talking to Usagi from a ways away

* Small Starfighter face

* A bit larger Starfighter face

* Starfighter WOW! I LOVE this one!

Seiya going to Starfighter This one is SOOO cute!

* Seiya private card with him in a school uniform

* Seiya looking over his shoulder

* Starfighter posing with a cool background


* Star Fighter being Pretty

Seiya doesn't look like he's having fun ^_^;

Seiya and Usagi on a rollercoaster FUNNY!

Seiya and Usagi holding each other screaming Oh I bet he's happy in this one! ^_-

Seiya and Usagi on a ferris wheel

Seiya holds Usagi close in the dark Oh now I KNOW he's happy!!


Usagi and Seiya outside somewhere

"Cop" Seiya talking to Chibi Chibi

What Are Usagi and Seiya doing??!! (really was a misunderstanding when Seiya got bumped by a door onto Usagi)

Seiya taking of his monster costume

Chibi Chibi trying to take Seiya's towel off him How embarassing!

Seiya in Usagi's shower

Usagi feeling sad and Seiya looking bad for her SOOO sweet!

Seiya and Usagi in a dark airplane

Seiya looking VERY ticked off!

You think he was ticked before, look at him here!

Starfighter shocked when she sees who Eternal Sailor Moon is

Seiya yelling at Yaten while Taiki just stands there

Seiya and Yaten looking at Taiki

Healer and Maker hold Seiya up

Seiya passes out on stage and Yaten and Taiki go to help

Seiya and Eternal Sailor Moon get blasted

Eternal Sailor Moon yelling while Seiya is unconcious beside her

Taiki and Yaten hold Seiya up The look cool in their suits!

* Eternal Sailor Moon standing infront of the Starlights

* Chibi ESM and Chibi Starlights How cute can you get??

* The Starlights standing in their suits Very handsome

* The Starlight Senshi posing with a cool background

The Starlight Senshi yelling Seiya looks so fierce!

That's it for now folks but I will get MORE asap! Come back soon!

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