The Sailor Starlights

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These mysterious senshi. Who are they and are they fighting for us or the enemy who are Sailor senshi too? Well here it will answer your questions about these female warriors called "The Sailor Starlights".

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What is your question?

  • Where did the Starlights come from?

  • Why did they come to Earth?

  • Who is Galexia and Why is she trying to take over the Earth?

  • What is the "Light of Hope"?

  • Ummm..... Maybe it's just me but weren't they just guys??!!

  • What's between Seiya and Usagi?

  • I Heard all the senshi DIED!!!

  • I haven't seen Mamouru around, where is he?

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    Where did they comes from?

    The Sailor Starlights come from a planet far away from earth. It was destoyed by Galexia and the Animates so they fled to earth.

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    Why did they come to Earth?

    The reason they ended up on this planet can be explained by their Princess. Princess Fireball was the ruler of the planet the Starlights came from. When Galexia attacked their planet the princess was forced to come to earth to escape. The Star Lights sensed this and followed her hhere. The only reason they became a famous singing group was to let the Princess know that they were here and looking for her.

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    Who is Galexia and why is she trying to take of the earth?

    Galexia wasn't always bad. There was a fight a long time ago. Galexia was good then and fighting against something called Khaos. When it seemed bad Galexia took the Khaos and sealed it up in her own body where she thought it would be safe. But the Khaos started to take over her body and turn her to the evil side. The reason she is attacking earth is because she has to find something called "the light of hope".

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    What is the "Light of Hope?"

    The Light If Hope is Galexia's starseed. But that's not it. The Star seed happens to be Chibi Chibi herself! In the final fight against Galexia Chibi Chibi turned herself into a sword and gave it to Sailor Moon to fight against Galexia. The sword broke but Sailor Moon convinced Galexia she wasn't bad and ESM used her Starseed to heal Galexia and destoy the Khaos.

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    Ummm..... Maybe it's just me but weren't they Just GUYS??!!

    This is refering to The Sailor Starlights. When in human form they are boys, but when they turn into senshi they are girls. It's very confusing. I think that they were girls on their planet but went to guy form when they came to earth because it wouold be easier to find a woman (Princess Fireball) in male form.

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    What's between Seiya and Usagi?

    Unfortuneatly for Seiya they are just very good friends. Seiya is in love with Usagi but he knows at the very end that she wouldn't give up Mamoru for anyone, not even someone as famous as Seiya. He is VERY crushed by this dispite many attempts to try to show his feelings.

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    "I heard that almost all the Senshi are DYING!"

    Yes, this is true. All the senshi get their star seeds taken by Galexia and they all die. Only ESM was left at the very end. But thanks to Chibi Chibi (the light of hope) she restored all the senshi's lives and they came back.

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    I haven't seen Mamoru around, where is he?

    Mamoru hasn't been around because he was kidnapped. When he went to go study in America he went by plane. But the plane got taken by the Animates and taken into Galexia's dimention. We find out later that he turned into Tuxedo Kamen and tried to fight Galexia 1 on 1. But he had no luck on hios side and had his star seed taken. Galexia found out that he was the senshi of Earth. Mamoru got killed by her. But he came back on the last episode when he was revived by Chibi Chibi.

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