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Konichi'wa again! Welcome to the group manga picture section on my page. I have put in thumbnails to make it easy and less time consuming for everyone, but I'm sorry they are a little blurry but you can kind of make out the picture and if you would like to see it. Please feel free to take all the pictures you want. Please add a link to my page if you can. Arigato! Ja ne!

Evil Sailor Senshi

Manga pic of all the senshi with flowers
The senshi standing on a rock (?) very pretty.

Senshi in theirs fashions

Senshi in very pretty dresses

My FAVE Group pic!

The Outer Senshi

A Sailor Moon manga cover

Sailor Moon, Jupiter and Venus.

Sailor Mars, Mercury and Tuxedo Kamen.

Jupiter Mars, and some of Venus ^_^;

Rei, Mamoru, Luna, and Mako...SMOKING? ^_^

Chibi Usa, Usagi, Ami, Minko and Mrs. Tskino,

Kawaii pic og the inners.

Very Pretty Bookmarks with the senshi

Moore Senshi bookmarks.. VERY nice!

Hotaru, Chibi Usa and Chibi Chibi holding umbrellas.

Inner Senshi in the city

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