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There are various files here from Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. At the bottom there are from Sailor Moon in general. Feel free to download them. If a link is broken plese tell me so I can fix it asap.

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  • The Midi of The Stars Opening Song
  • The Song on my Main Page

  • The Midi of The Stars Closing Song
  • The Song on my Links Page

  • The Midi of when Princess Fireball comes in (very pretty)
  • The song on My Starlights FAQ Page

  • The Starlights Make-up midi
  • The Song on Seiya's Info Page

  • Eternal Sailor Moon's Make-up midi
  • The Song on my Picture Page

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    Other Sailor Moon Midi's

  • tuxknigh.mid- Tuxedo Kamen
  • dontfear.mid -Don't fear, please
  • douse.mid - The midi when Uranus and Neptune die in SMS
  • mercury.mid -Mercury
  • mirage.mid -Tuxedo Mirage
  • routev.mid -Route Venus
  • smfate.mid - ??????
  • saturn.mid -Saturn's midi
  • outermak.mid- The Outer Senshi's make-up music!
  • Ainosens.mid- Ai no Senshi (Warrior of Love)
  • cosmicgs.mid- Sailor Moons "Moon Cosmic Power, Make-up" Music
  • densetsu.mid- Moonlight Densetsu
  • dethbust.mid- Death Busters no Yabou (The Ambitions of the Death busters)
  • harukmic.mid- Tenou Haruka to Kiaou Michiru
  • hottoken.mid- Hottonkenai yo (I can't leave you alone)
  • itnotm.mid- tsuki ni kawatte o shioki yo (In the Name of the Moon, I'll punish you!)
  • moonbox.mid- The midi of Sailor Moon's Star Locket
  • policy21.mid- Otome no Policy (A Maiden's Policy)
  • revenge.mid- Moon Revenge
  • revenge2.mid- Moon Revenge (A different rendition)
  • someday5.mid- Someday...Somebody..
  • yumemiru.mid- Yume Miru Dakeja Dame (It's useless to only dream (?))
  • yjml.mid- You're just my love
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    Some of these midi's taken from here.

    Do you have any files I could use on here? Send them to Princess Usagi-chan

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    Princess Usagi-chan on April 3/97