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Sailor Moon (1st season)
Sailor Moon R (second season Part 1)
Sailor Moon R (second season part 2)
Sailor Moon Super (3rd season)
Sailor Moon Super Stars (4th season)
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (5th season part 1)
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (5th season part 2)

Sailor Moon

Characters Introduced:

Usagi Tskino/Sailor Moon/Princess Selenity
Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury
Rei Hino/Sailor Mars
Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter
Minako Anio/Sailor Venus
Mamouru Chiba/Tuxedo Kamen/Prince Endimion
Queen Beryl
First General Jedite
Second General Nephrite
Third General Zoicite
Fourth General Kunzite
Naru (Usagi's best friend)
Umino aka Melvin
Shingo Tskino aka Sammy (Usagi's brother)
Mrs. Tskino
Mr. Tskino

This is the very first season of Sailor Moon. The story revovles around The Inner Sailor Senshi, Tuxedo Kamen and the gaurdians that fight the forces of the Dark Kingdom. Queen Beryl leads the Dark Kingdom with her four generals. The first general Jedite tried to colect energy from the Earth's people in great numbers. His attempts failed though and he was put into a eternal sleep by the Queen. Next came Nephrite. His job was to colect energy also but he did it by extracting the life force out of just one human at a time. He fell in love with Naru and she loved him back but Zoicite, the third general, sent some of his alies and killed Nephrite. He took Nephrites dark crystal too, which he was using to track down people with rainbow crystals. Which leads to Zoicite. His task was to track down the 7 rainbow cystals which would meld together to create the Gingishou crystal that could control the world. He was in love with another General named Kunzite. In his last battle against Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon, Zoicite was beaten, but not without fataly injuring Tuxedo Kamen in the process. Queen Beryl killed Zoicite and left Kunzite as the last general to triumph. Tuxedo Kamen was taken to the Dark Kingdom and turned against the sailor senshi. His task was to retrieve the Gingishou crystal from Sailor Moon for the Dark Kingdom's use to destroy the world. When the sailor senshi finally went to the Dark Kingdom Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus were killed right away. Sailor Moon was transported into the castle to face off against Prince Endimion who was still brainwashed. Sailor Moon made him touch a locket that he had given to her when they lived in the Silver Melenium and he turned back to her. Queen Beryl was furious so she tried to kill Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Kamen threw a rose into her heart and she disapeared. Unfortunately Mamouru was hit by a crystal from Queen Beryl and died in Sailor Moon's arms.
Queen Beryl could not accept defeat so she powered up once more and became a GIANT ^_^ Princess Selenity and her faced off... the spirits of the Sailor Senshi came and helped the Princess and Queen Beryl was destroyed.
The power of the crystal gave everyone back there lives.. although they would not remember a thing. They finally had a chance to live a happy life.... until something happened.......

Sailor Moon R Part 1

Characters Introduced:

Doom Tree
Tskino no Knight

(little note: This season did not appear in the manga. It was only created because the anime series was ahead of the manga and they needed something to fill in ^_^ just thought you'd want to know ^_^)

A Strange spacecraft of some kind landed in Tokyo one night. Something emerged out of the craft and took up living couters in an appartment. People came out to see what was happening and here we see the 5 sailor senshi.. although non of them knew each other except for Ami and Usagi because they went to school together and Usagi didn't know Makoto well enough. As the story goes along we learn about 2 aliens that came to earth to gather energy for their tree called the "Doom Tree". Ail, the guy, ends up liking Usgai and Ann, the girl, ends up liking Mamouru who still can't remember anything about his past life or the fight he went through. A knew senshi protector came around and called himself Tskino No Knight or "The Moonlight Knight". All of the senshi eventuallt get their memories restored (minus Mamouru) to help Saillor Moon fight against evil cretures Ail and Ann send down to collect energy from the humans. At the end there is a show down between the senshi, Ail and Ann, and Tskino no Knight. The Knight disapears after beings thrown onto the "Doom Tree" much to the senshi's horror. A fight emerges and the senshi reign triumphant after. Tskino No Knight comes back to Sailor Moon while she is knocked unconcious to reveal his true identity. He is Mamouru's memory.... he was creted becuase Mamouru lost all his memories of everything but deep down he knew he had to protect the Princess who he loved very much. He told Sailor Moon he had to return to Mamouru because he could not sustain him much longer. So he disapears into Mamouru's body.
Sailor Moon is shaken awake by Mamouru who she is very happy to see and she hugs him. Ail and Ann say they are going along with their tree because they do not want to fight anymore and the tree needs love energy which can't be stolen. So they leave with just a sappling of their tree which is ridden of it's negetive energy it's been collecting to start all over again. Mamouru and Usagi are very happy to see each other again.. until the other sailor senshi start teasing them ^_^ :P

Sailor Moon R Part 2

Characters Introduced:

Usagi/Chibi Usa/Princess Usagi
Setsuna Miaoh/Sailor Pluto
Prince Diamond
Neo-Queen Selenity
Neo-King Endimion
Wise Man

Sailor Moon Super

Character Introduced:

Michiru Kiaoh/Sailor Neptune
Haruka Ten'oh/Sailor Uranus
Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn/Mistress 9
Sailor Chibi-Moon
Super Sailor Moon
Professor Tomoe
Eudial (Witches 5)
Mimete (Witches 5)

Sailor Moon Super Stars

Characters Introduced:

Fish Eye
Hawk Eye
Tiger Eye
Super Sailor Mercury
Super Sailor Mercury
Super Sailor Mars
Super Sailor Jupiter
Super Sailor Venus
Super Sailor Chibi Moon

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (part 1)

Characters Introduced

Super Sailor Neptune
Super Sailor Uranus
Super Sailor Pluto
Baby Hotaru
Chibi Nepherenia

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars (part 2)

Characters Introduced

Eternal Sailor Moon
Chibi Chibi/Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon
Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter
Yaten Kou/Sailor Star Healer
Taiki Kou/Sailor Star Maker
Princess Kakyruu
Galexia (more in depth)
Sailor Iron Mouse
Sailor Lead Crow
Sailor Aluminum Siren
Sailor Tin Nyanko

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