WeLComE tO

"HiP-hOP's FiNeST"

!!!!CaLvIn (TiCaL) KwOcK's HoMIePaGe!!!!

!!!!BeST HiP-hOP SHIT!!!!

ChEcK iT oUt!!!

Da 411!

WuZ uP, wUz Up, WuZ uP! ThIs iS CaLvIn'S (AkA TiCaL) HoMiEpAgE. If YoU hAvE aN iNtEReSt iN HiP-HoP tHeN ThIs iS FoR U! NoT OnlY cAn YoU tALk tO a 18, MAle, AsIaN, fRoM NYC, gOEs tO ScHOoL aT FIT, yOU CAn lOOk Up THe BEsT SIteS fOR HIp-hOP. iF yOUr LoOkIN' fOr A nICe ChAT, yOU CAn E-mAIL mE Or FinD Me aNd OtHErS oN a cHaT sITe....laTEr...

ShOUt OuT's!

PaGE iS DedICaTeD tO tHAt SpEciaL sOMeOne oUt ThErE tHAt i'M lOoKiN fOr. AlSo mAd PrOP's tO mY bLoOD, KiLLa KaY. FrIEnD's and fAM fo' liFE.

FoR mORe sHoUTs CliCKiTY cLIcK HeRE!

Simple Hip-Hop!
New Release, Top 40 Hip-Hop Chart!
Dictionary of the Finest Words!
Picture's of the Finest!
Sure Shot Singles!
Hot List, Top 10!
Check it Out, Jay's homepage!
Chatter Box!(chat site)

YoU ArE Da HeaD To ViSiT MaH PaGe

BeFoRe YoU LeaVe, PLeaZe SiGn MaH GueSTbOOk

If YoU HaVe TiMe VieW MaH GueSTbOOk

HoPE yOu LIkEd mY HoMIepAgE.

MoRe tO CoME...SoON... LaST 11/16/97 .


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