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    Hello everybody!   Welcome to my page of 李玟 CoCo Lee!  Make sure you come by once awhile to check out new updates.  Enjoy your stay.

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24/10/99 Latest Update
Press conference held in Hong Kong.  Conference starts at 11:00 a.m.
A mini-concert in Hong Kong.  If you wish to go to the concert, buy CoCo's new album on the 30th and a sticker will be sealed inside.  Exchange the sticker at Sony Music for a ticket.  For more information, please contact 2771-4391 (Hong Kong).  The concert starts at 6:30 p.m.
30/10/99 CoCo's new album "Just No Other Way" is released in Asia TODAY!!  A opening ceremony held in Hong Kong at 12:30 p.m.
24/10/99 For all the fellows everywhere else (States, Europe, etc...)--  CoCo's new album will not be released until January!  Sorry you all, but keep waiting!!
24/10/99 Newest updates:  Just No Other Way - Pictures of her from her new released album.
25/08/99 CoCo's "Before I Fall In Love" is recorded in the Runaway Bride soundtrack, so all of you CoCo fans...GO GET SOME...NOW!!
27/05/99 Coco's new album-"Mirror" is released today!!  *excited* Make sure everyone gets one especially all the Coco fans!
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Home - Tells about all the newest updates of CoCo (which is this page). Profile - Coco's personal profile.
Albums - Shows all of CoCo's albums and all the songs from each album. Photos - A photo gallery of CoCo.  They're divided according to her albums.
CoCo Links - Links that relates to other fabulous sites of CoCo. SiNcErE - Shows Sincere's profile, photos, e-mail, and a homepage for friends.
SiNcErE's PiCtUrEs - Pictures of SiNcErE and her friends. Friends - SiNcErE's friend's homepages.  Check them out!!


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