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  • Arms Heist and Al Maunah - White Paper, not White Terror
    Arms Heist and Al Maunah - Present White Paper And Not Unleash A Climate Of White Terror
  • CJ's Ethics Code violations: No. of complaints 
    Malaysia should emulate the Canadian example of judicial accountability and  introduce legislation to set up a Judicial Council to consider complaints that judges have violated the Judges’ Code of Ethics 1994
  • Arms heists: White Paper/Parliament debate Monday"
    Mahathir should table a White Paper on the Al Mauna arms heists and move a motion on Monday for a full, sober and responsible parliamentary debate on the dual problems of serious lapse of military discipline and security on weaponry armouries and violent Islamic deviation groups like Al-Mauna
  • M & Al-Maunah: Stop play with fire
    Mahathir should stop "play with fire" and withdraw and apologise for the most irresponsible and seditious insinuation that non-Muslims would be persecuted by the Barisan Alternative and Opposition parties if they do  not continue to support the Barisan Nasional
  • Are there 3 BN MPs with guts?

  • Are there at least three Barisan Nasional MPs with guts and who are fully committed to the principle of judicial accountability and independence so that Parliament could hold Eusoff Chin to account for his failure to clear the cloud of his judicial impropriety and misconduct
  • Al-Mauna Arms heists - Set up BN-BA Committee

  • Grik arms heists and Al Mauna:  Joint Barisan Nasional -Barisan Alternative Committee to work out a bi-partisan national counter-strategy  to prevent their recurrence and to address the grave issues raised
  • Kerk is mum over Sg Besi Cemetery controversy

  • Kerk Choo Ting owes the Chinese community an explanation over the 100 year-old Sungei Besi Cemetery controversy
  • BERNAS monopoly will lead to price increase of rice by-product

  • Call on the Government to reconsider the move not to issue new licences for the import of rice by products by traditional importers
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