Sailor Moon Ring

The Sailor Moon Ring

The Sailor Moon Ring is a group of Internet Web pages that are either dedicated to Sailor Moon or an aspect of it. We also accept sites where it is not dedicated but extensively covered. These Sailor Moon sites must be well maintained and work without a lot of down time because the link will not be complete with a web page/site offline. If you would like to join this Sailor Moon Ring, please fill in the "Add to Queue" form below and your page will be visited by the Ringmaster or appointed staff. Your page will be judged on the contained content, and if it meets our requirements or close, you will be added to the ring. After you've signed up, please cut the HTML below which will be required on your page enable for the Sailor Moon Ring to detect and add you to the ring. Thanks for your interest, I hope you get much more hits than you normally do. Enjoy!

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After you've submitted your site into the queue, make sure you have the following code on your page.

<!-- Begin Sailor Moon Ring Fragment -->
<center><table border=5><tr><td><img src="" usemap="#smrnav" border=0></td></tr></table> <map name="smrnav"><area shape="rect" coords="76,110,283,117" href="mailto:___________"> <area shape="polygon" coords="12,63,43,46,38,58,90,45,90,84,54,74,37,70,44,82" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="273,46,272,86,324,71,319,86,351,66,319,48,324,59,274,47" href=""> <area shape="rect" coords="31,13,134,32" href=""> <area shape="rect" coords="217,14,323,31" href=""> <area shape="polygon" coords="148,14,151,9,152,6,157,6,160,6,168,6,170,4,172,5,176,6,178, 9,181,12,187,12,192,12,195,14,197,20,197,25,198,31,196,33,194,36,195,39,195,42,196,44,199, 46,204,46,212,46,219,45,220,45,227,45,235,45,240,44,246,45,250,48,252,53,251,61,250,68,246, 72,241,70,230,70,220,71,206,71,202,70,200,70,197,76,197,81,200,83,201,90,201,99,200,103,192, 105,184,104,173,102,167,106,163,105,157,102,152,101,149,101,147,98,147,93,147,92,146,87,146, 80,146,77,144,70,137,69,132,69,127,69,121,71,116,70,110,68,109,62,109,56,111,53,112,46,116, 41,125,40,131,44,134,46,139,43,144,41,148,42,152,40,155,36,156,28,154,25,152,22,149,18,148, 14" href=""> <area shape="default" nohref></map></center>
<!-- End Sailor Moon Ring Fragment -->
...which should look like this...

Make sure you change the four references to so that the id= is followed by your Site ID number. For example, if your site ID is 32, the href should be something like

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