Sailor Jupiter
Kino Makoto

Voice Done  By:  Susan Roman
Birthday:  December 5
Astrological Sign:  Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Favorite Color:  Green
Hobbies:  Bargain Hunting
Favorite Food:  Cherry Pie
Favorite Subject: Home Ec
Least Favorite Subject:  Physics
Strong Points:  Cooking


Sailor Moon

Jupiter Power
(Jupiter Power Make up)
Jupiter Thunder Crash
(Supreme Thunder)
Sailor Moon R

Jupiter Star Power
(Jupiter Star Power Make up)
Jupiter Thunder Dragon
(Supreme Thunder Dragon)
Jupiter Thundercrash Zap
(Sparkling Wide Pressure)

Sailor Moon SuperS

Jupiter Crystal Power Make up
Jupiter Oak Evolution
Lita is naturally strong, she defended Serena from bullies and beat up
Zoicite even before she was a Sailor Scout. Lita gets in a lot of fights,
which made her very scary initially and no one would talk to her, but Serena did
and they became great friends, both loving video games and being boy-crazy.
(Lita's trademark phrase is "He looks like my old boyfriend")
Lita is often the first scout to attack relying more on her strength than strategy,
the complete opposite of Amy. Lita is, however,
one of the most powerful Sailor Scouts.

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