Sailor Mars
Raye Hino
Hino Rei

Voice Done  By:  Katie Griffen
Birthday:  April 17
Astrological Sign:  Aries
Blood Type:  AB
Favorite Colors:  Red, Black
Hobbies:  Fortunetelling
Favorite Food:  Vegitarian Pizza
Least Favorite Food:  Asparagus
Favorite Subject:  Ancient Writing
Least Favorite Subject:  Modern Society
Strong Points:  Meditation

Sailor Moon

Mars Power
(Mars Power Make up)
Mars Fire Ignite
(Fire Soul)
"I call upon the power of Mars. . .Fireballs Charge"
(Evil Begone)
Sailor Moon R
Mars Star Power
(Mars Star Power Make up)
Mars Firebird Strike
(Fire Soul Bird)
Mars Firestorm Flash
Mars Celestial Fire Surround
(Burning Mandala)

Sailor Moon SuperS

Mars Crystal Power Make up
Mars Flame Sniper

Raye is definately one of the strongest of the Sailor Scouts, both emotionally and physically. She has a short temper and so when Serena is being her usual self of lazy, and late Raye gets mad. Especially in the first season Raye and Serena are uususally the ones who end up sticking their toungues out at each other. Or in one episode Raye smacked Serena with her anti-evil scroll.

As many fights as they get in though, Serena and Raye really are best friends. Raye, as soon as she got over wanting to be leader and realized she had to protect Serena, the moon princess, was one of her most enthusiastic protectors.

It is Raye who is the last scout with Serena in "Day of Destiny" who encourages Serena to defeat Queen Beryl.  It is Raye who most often throws herself in front of Serena and takes the blows.  And in the Sailor MoonR movie when Sailor Moon dies, Raye is the first one to her side.

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