Sailor Venus
Aino Minako

Voice done by:  Stephanie Morganstern
Birthday:  October 22
Astrological Sign:  Libra
Blood Type:  B
Favorite Color:  Yellow and Red
Hobbies:  Chasing after Idols
Favorite Food:  Pasta
Favorite Subject:  PE
Least Favorite Subject: Everything Else
Strong Points:  Playing

Sailor Moon

Venus Power
(Venus Power Make up)
Venus Crescent Beam Smash
(Crescent Beam)

Sailor Moon R

Venus Star Power
(Venus Star Power Make up)
Venus Meteor Shower
(Crescent Beam Shower)
Venus Love Chain Encircle
(Venus Love me Chain)

Sailor Moon SuperS

Venus Crystal Power Make up
Venus Love and Beauty Shock
Venus is the last of the Senshi to arrive, but she is the most experienced
since she was Sailor V before she joined the team.  As Sailor Venus she is one of the
most dedicated Sailors, but as Minako she can be almost as bad if not worse than
Usagi.  (I say Minako and not Mina because in the North American she doesn't
really have a personality. . . )

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