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3/11-18: Japan; Pictures Site: Part 1 | Part 2 | My sister's pictures

1/14/01 Chamber Singers Concert;
1/27 Chinese New Year Celebrations at the Dallas Chinese Community Center and the Chinese Elderly Apartment Complex;
2/6: American Chamber Choir at Texas Boy's Choir Great Hall;
2/7-10: San Antonio - UTA Chamber Singers at TMEA Convention;
2/16-18: San Francisco
2/21-25: Boston, New Haven (Yale): JT Pictures Site

Sacred Heart Chinese School: Created this site for Adrianna's Chinese school for photos, calendar, student's works, etc. Link

2001 Dallas Chinese Youth Camp: Created this site for the 2001 CYC - Meeting minutes, budget proposals, information exchange, and .... photos Link

10/24-29: Joseph's Trip to ShanDong, China, 10/24-29/2000, some recent home pictures, and 12/22-27 Ling family reunion in Lexington, Kentucky Pictures

9/14/2000: Maestro Min HuiFen Lecture Recital, 9/17: Visit to Cowboys' Stadium, 10/31-11/4/2000: Joseph's Trip to Jiuzhaigou, China, and 1/1/2001: New Year's Day's Snow in Dallas Pictures

Dallas, 8/15 - 9/1/2000: Adrianna at home, College Matters at PESH, Adrianna at Dance Lesson, Maestro Min HuiFen Erhu Recital Pictures

New York, 8/12-13/2000 Picture Gallery

Cowboys Training Camp 2000, 8/11/2000 Picture Gallery

Hong Kong Choral Conference 2000:
The UTA Chamber Singers and the American Chamber Choir
Hong Kong/Macau/Japan, 7/22-8/1/2000:
Joseph's Picture Gallery
Ken's Macau Picture Gallery
Ken's Hong Kong Picture Gallery

New Home Part 2:

Front View 1
Front View 2
Piano (Formal Living) Room 1
Piano (Formal Living) Room 2
Family Room
Back Yard View 1
Back Yard View 2

New Home (4/2000):
Front Entrance
Entrance: View from inside
Entrance: Another View from inside
Living Room
Partial View of Pool from Gameroom
Lighted Playcourt

Christmas 1998 pictures:
My family at the ARCO Cafeteria
My family under the ARCO Christmas tree
My mom and her 4 grand-daughters
My mom and me
Streamboat dinner at Taiwan Cafe
Christmas Eve banquet
Alicia at home
Lunch in San Antonio
At the U. of Houston campus

MIT Buddies 6/98 Reunion at Vancouver, Canada:

The old buddies
The families
The families II
The 3 daughters
The 5 amigos
The 5 amigos II

Here are some of my older family pictures:

Latest video: My daughter and me
My daughter and me
My family at Jed's wedding, Chicago
My family at another wedding in Rice University
My wife in Taiwan (1995) with my daughter in background
My wife and my daughter in Graz, 1994
My daughter in soccer uniform
My daughter's soccer team
My daughter's soccer team (1996?)

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