Hong Kong Choral Conference 2000

7/22 - 8/1/2000

UTA Chamber Singers and The American Chamber Choir


Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIE)

View from Visitor's Center Apartment
Morning View of Surrounding Mountains
Morning View Towards Building E and President's Residence
Visitor's Center Apartments in Early Morning
Soccer Field next to Building D
Road from Visitor's Center to Main Campus
Main Corridor Connecting the Buildings
A View of the Main Campus, with Building A (Administrative Building) on the left
Luxury Residential Apartments near HKIE
Central Plaza at Building C
Student Dormitory

Gala Concert, Hong Kong Cultural Center Concert Hall, Friday, 7/28/2000

Dress Rehearsal 1
Dress Rehearsal 2
Dress Rehearsal 3
Dress Rehearsal 4
Dress Rehearsal 5
The HKIE Band on Stage
End of Concert
Concert Group Photo 1
Concert Group Photo 2
The Singers from Texas
The American Chamber Choir
The UTA Chamber Singers
With Some HKIE Students

Saturday, 7/29/2000: Sightseeing in Hong Kong

The Che Kung (General) Temple
Inside the Main Temple
A Better Look of Che Kung

The Hong Kong Cultural Center Lobby

On Star Ferry, Crossing the HK Harbor
One More Photo on the Ferry

Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Center
Walking from the Ferry Pier to the Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Center
Looking out from inside the HKCEC
The Escalators in HKCEC
The 1997 Monument Commenorating the Return of Hong Kong to China
UTA Chamber Singers at the Monument
The American Chamber Choir at the Monument
The Golden Flower - gift from the Chinese Government for the 1997 Turnover (Billy in foreground)

Shops at Stanley

Victoria's Peak
Shops at the Peak
The Peak Shopping Plaza
A View from the Peak
The Peak Tram Station Observation Area (Ken in foreground)
A View from the Observation Area
The Peak Tram Station Tower (Kermit and Joyce in foreground...and Ken surrounded by admirers)
View of the Harbor from the Peak Pavillion
Another View with Picture in foreground

Aberdeen (The Floating Restaurant)
Walking towards the Pier, Floating Restaurant in Far Right
Almost there
On the Pier, about to board the ferry
Picture and Social Time
The Floating Restaurant from the Pier
A Close Up View of the Restaurant
Dr. Wiley and others on the Ferry
The Entrance to the Restaurant
Looking Back from the Restaurant - the apartment buildings, the luxury private boats, ...
The Main Staircase
The "King" and the "Queen"
One More Look
The UTA Chamber Singers
One More Picture
The Banquet is about to begin
With Some New Friends
The Prize Drawing: Adrianna has Number 4 ...on her head
What? Shrimps with Heads!!!
Someone Stole My Number
A Group Picture
A Last Look of the Restaurant at Night

Hong Kong Airport ... on our way to Japan
Hong Kong Airport Arrival Hall
Hong Kong Airport Departure Hall
Hong Kong Airport: Shops inside Departure Area


Concert at Macau Polytechnic Institute

Adrianna on the Jet Boat to Macau
Inside the Jet Boat cabin
Getting Through Immigration
Sightseeing - the Golden Flower, gift from China
The Goddess Statue, gift from Portugal government
Adrianna, with our two buses in background
At the Goddess Statue ground, looking out to the Pearl River
Joseph, with the statue in the background
The hex glass floor at the center of the museum lobby floor.
Center of the Basement floor, with Tai Chi symbols
Meseum Center Ceiling art
Let's pose with the statue in background
Inside the Cathedral Peak church
Looking back at the entrance of the church
Open ground in front of church. Overlooking a river with China on the other side?
The Observation Tower under construction (almost completed. 2nd tallest tower in Asia?)
The ground in front of the church
Another look of the church and its bell tower
Inside the Ma Ju Temple
Looking uphill
Temple Entrance
The plaza in front of the temple
A Pier across the street from the temple
Maritime Museum (opposite from the temple)
The Conductor. Note the firecrackers' remain on the ground
Remains of St. Paul's Cathedral - Landmark of Macau
Lunch (Portuguese)
Matt and Ruben Lee having a chat .... with a bird!
Adrianna with the bird that won't fly away
The Macau Polytechnic Institute
The Logo of the Institute
Wake Up, Ollie Brown!
The Mixed Choir
Group picture with Macau choir
Another group picture
More group picture
Christine presenting the UTA bear



A fruit market in Narita
On the main street. What are these people looking at?
They are still looking?
A Japanese cemetery?
Walking towards the temple. Notice the Japanese buildings
Passing a gift shop
All kinds of shops
Going downhill, almost there
Looking back
We made it! In front of the temple
Looking back from the top of the stairs (many steep steps)
The Main Temple
A golden pagoda next the the Main Temple
Going up to the original temple area
One of the original temples (a few hundred years old)
The "Big" pagoda
Stopping for water
From the pagoda looking down to the garden
Fountain at half way down
More people walking down
The garden with a big fountain
Looking back up at the "Big" pagoda
People's Fortunes tied to some rods
Dinner Time...but you must take off your shoes first
All the different dishes
Joyce and Kermit getting personalized cooking
More food and drinks
Nice meal. Time for group picture
Japanese Breakfast in Nikko Hotel
The sample breakfast with dry vegetables (pickles) in front
The Western Breakfast area
The garden outside the breakfast area
A good crowd for breakfast
Good, fresh bread
Going out to the hotel garden
The Swimming Pool entrance (free for guests, but Y (Japanese dollar) for others
Nice pool and spa
The hotel
In Narita again after breakfast
At the temple entrance
Walking in
At the main steps. Stopping to look at the tortoises
crossing a bridge before the steps
The other side
Top of the steps. Notice the smoke from the "stove"
The Temple shops
A service inside the main temple building
Japanese Buddhist stuff?
Observing the service - drums, paper burning,..
paper burning
corridor...with slippers for worshippers
Can you see the fire?
Close up (Out of focus because did this in a hurry)
Posting with pagoda in background
Visiting other buildings .. Note the monk passing by
This is the one on the side of the main building
There are buddhist statues inside
Looks like this was the temple before the current main building was built (in 1950?)
The statues
Interesting Japanese architecture
Went uphill to the next level
This is the original temple built in the year 960 (over 1000 years old)
Another temple. An old man paying his respect there. He put the green stuff into the "stove", and fanned the smoke towards his body. Signaled us to do the same
Adrianna obliged
Old coins on the "Stove"
Map of the temple
Think this is the founder's (monk) statue
The "Big" pagoda
Another look
It is open! Took a peek of the buddha statue inside
The red doors
Looking down towards the fountain (with water running)
Half way down
A better picture than last night
Going through the forest. This is one of the original building where the monks studied their "bible"
A waterfall
Leaving the temple
The temple shops are open for business
A closer look of the shops
At the hotel lobby waiting for airport shuttle
At the Airport gate
Ready for home?
Looking back at the airport terminal
Farewell, Japan!