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Welcome to the Round Table of Anime!

Our quest is to bring all people right and just sources of Anime info, guides, links, resources, etc. We will free the Otaku from the serfdom of the internet and will battle against the evil forces of tyranny, suppression, and the censorship of Anime. We believe that all otaku are created equal and have certain inalienable rights, among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of Anime.

"Welcome to Y2K-O-T-A-R! Your anime leader to the new millenium"

Last Update: October 19, 1999

If you'll excuse us, we decided to try out something new. The page will now be narrated by Melanie mainly, with an occasional comment from one of us. Please bear with us if you experience any difficulti--


"*HEY!* It's not that bad!"

What's new, you ask?  Why are you asking me?!?  I don't know...  It's
not like I work with them or anyth*...

... Oh yeah, huh I do. oopsie...

Here's some of what you can look forward to:

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Our Valiant Knights of the Anime 'Round: -Valiant?- Do you really think that applies here? "JUST SAY IT!" okay, okay... [nifty dark knight pic goes here]Sir Fireball XIII

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Notary from Sir Sanjiyan: It is sad to bid a fond farewell to our former Knights Sir Reaper and Sir Collin. We've just received word that while journeying on their mission, both of them were attacked by what turned out to be some sort of gravity bomb. While there is no way to confirm that this happened, we've received no word from them since then. To make things worse, we got a letter from our insurance agency informing us that getting insurance for a person who's tower was unlucky enough to get stuck by lighting will cost us a fortune (mmm…at least we don't have a Sir Ataru).


Here you go!

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We are always glad to hear whatever you might have to say to us about our pages and their contents, or anything else you might have to discuss (especially if it's praise! "Quiet Melanie!" alright, sheesh...). If your business is with the Knights as a whole, write instead to kotar@hotmail.com.


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