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It has been 5 years since my last year-end greeting WebPages in 2001. Lots has changed in my life since then.

I moved back Taiwan for work in 2004. Worked on my familiar field, communication IC for Infineon  and after 6 months decided to take higher risk by joining a startup in Taiwan, ILItek on Display Driver IC products.

It has been a great year for me in 2006. ILItek has finally started to ship in huge volumes(>2million units/month and exceed 10million in 2006). Another great highlight for me in 2006 is that I GOT MARRIED. Yes. My life is not only about work and partying fun anymore. I found my shelter and comfort with my dearest wife, Katy.  

Life is about seeking balances. Good and bad in life run in cycles. I had a good year in 2006. Hope to spread my joy to all of you in this touchy greeting season.

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