Mercury's Way Silent Library

Welcome to my Way Silent Library!

Sit down. Grab a book. Remember, conversation in whispers!!!

Mercury Profile:

Birthday: September 10
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Favorite Color: Aquamarine
Hobby: Reading, Chess
Favorite Food: Sandwiches
Least Favorite Food: Yellow-tail tuna
Favorite Subject:Mathematics
Worst Subject: None
Strong Point: Calculating
Dream: To become a doctor
Favorite Gemstone: Sapphire
Crush Item: Greg

Hello, my name is Ami. Nice to see other scholars around here besides me. I decided that if I could make one contribution to Tokyo, this would be it. I enjoy reading and hope that you will learn to, also. Aside from being a Sailor Scout, this is all I have time left for. At one time, I had a friend named Greg.I was afraid of my feelings for him so I used time as an excuse. I claimed that with being a straight 'A' student, there simply wasn't time for a boyfriend, but Mako-chan helped me realize that I could make time for Greg. For some reason, things just didn't work out between us, although we both wanted it to. I guess these things happen. You know, I wasn't always proud of being a braniac. Until I came to Juuban Junior High School, I was ashamed of being the smartest student in my class. Even when I transferred in the first day, a dweeb named Melvin spread rumors that I was an alien. But if it weren't for those rumors, I never would have discovered the powers hidden inside of me. Now, I am proud to be the brains behind the Sailor Scouts. I know I don't exactly have much of an attack, but not everyone gets a little blue computer that tells me the dimensions of everything. Oh dear!!! I fear I have disrupted to calm of the Library. Talk to you later. Bye!!!

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