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Hi, I'm Freda! I've always wanted to make a picture site, especially about my favorite manga. Though I didn't include my absolute most favorite mangaka is Shimuzu Reiko -san...which work are just breathtakingly beautiful and interesting. Anyway Here're what I have here so far: Yu*Yu*Hakuso, Slam Dunk, Ruroni Kenshin, Yuki Kaori and Clamp etc. If you want to know more about me, the person who had gone thru all those memory/scanning trouble to make this page...T_T, click on the image on the left (which is supposed to be the manga version of myself^^;;;).

Clamp's Gallery
"Clamp" is made up of four talented females: Ohkawa Nanase, Mokonaapapa, Miku Nekoi and Satsuki Igarashi, with former members Tamayo Akiyama and Leeza Sei. Here I include works like "RG Veda", "Tokyo Babylon", "X", "Rayearth" and some of their short works like "Combination", "Clamp Campus Detective", etc. Remember I said the pix are really out of date? Well, I've/will updated some new pics from newer works like "Wish" and "X". The Official Clamp Page is up!!!!! All the latest and detailed info you need is here (Japansese only).

Here's another favorite Shonen Jump title of mine! Obviously, Slam Dunk is a story about basketball, by Inoue Takehiko. With incredible drawings, likable characaters and exciting matches, Slam Dunk is a "must see" sport manga. It is one of the most "realistic" sport manga I've ever seen too. I'll recommend it to anyone who likes funny stuffs too. Although many people have complain that the author Inoue-san's drawing style change, I think he changes for good. His latest drawing style is more realistic, and powerful too. Slam Dunk (Part I) is officially ended on Jump #27, the ending is sorta disappointing (with realistic story like this, everything can't go perfectly....)

Another my favorite Shonen Jump title by Yoshihiro Togashi!!! It's a typical Jump's action manga that turns out into great success. A lot of bishonen, cool battles and character development. For some reason, sometimes I like the villains more than the protagonists. However, I like everyone, especially Hiei. He has the coolest attitude! Althought Kuwabara's appearance is....^^, I like him a lot too! He's so funny and he's the man! And I have to say that Yohko Kurama (not the red hair Minamino) is the prettiest "creature" I've ever seen!^_^

Ruroni Kenshin
Here's one of my favorite Weekly Shonen Jump titles by Nobuhiro Watsuki. I scan most of the pictures from the Shonen Jump issues, so all of them are manga version, not the anime version. My favorite characters are "Kenshin", "Sanoske" and "Aoshi." By the way, can anyone tell me if there's any Ruroni Kenshin sites out there?

Yuki Kaori's Gallery Updated on 7/7/97!!
Yuki Kaori is one of my favorite Shoujo mangakas. Her works mostly appear on "Hana to Yume." Here I include pictures of her works "Angel Santuary" and "Count Cain." Again, I like her beautiful "villains" a lot, like the evil doctor from Count Cain. However, I like "Rief" too! I need some help with her works collection, anyone can help me out?

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