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My interest in computers started almost a decade ago. Since then, computers have always been part of my life, as a hobby, and a indispensable tool in my working life.

I first encountered the magical concept of "INTERNET" in mid-1995. That time, everyone was crazy-talking about it, but not everyone was actually surfing into it. Knowing well that I cannot afford to be left crawling when others are cruising on this super highway, I took up the challenge and jumped onto the wagon.

My life has changed. I realized that I have gained some, and lost some as well. But, I have no regret at all. After all, I am what I am today, happily as before.

Setting up homepage is the first challenge I gave to myself in this cyber world, and I am glad that I have made it through so far.


This site has been added to Yahoo search since June 1996 and may be located by a keyword search using any of the following -

Brainy, KLSE 2nd Board, Penang Hawker's Food, Golden Frontier Berhad, Ernst & Young, Teong Hoe, Ooi.


I Dedicate This Page To My Beloved Family - 

My Parents, My Wife, My Son and My 2 Daughters.

Without them, a lot of things in life will never be the same.

A Happy Family Makes A Happy World To Live In.


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