My Writings

Here are some of my writings.

Buberian Environmentalism

Martin Buberís Philosophy of Dialogue as a Foundation for Environmental Ethics

Does the Cultivation of Close Personal Relationships Rule Out Motivation by Duty?

Moral Realism and Crimes and Misdemeanors

On Cartesian Dualism

Descartes on the Representational Status of Sensations in the Meditations and in the Principles

On Kant's Characterisation of Moral Judgements as Categorical Imperatives

On Hume's Objections to the Argument from Design

Panpsychism as a Solution to the Mind-Body Problem

Two Sceptical Positions

Notes on Don E. Marietta, Jr.ís Environmental Holism and Individuals

Notes on Michael Zimmermanís Heidegger, Buddhism, and Deep Ecology

On Peter Singerís Ethics of Animal Liberation

On Platoís Criticism of Democracy.

Plato on Poetry and Censorship in Republic Book 10

On Sartre's Account of Bad Faith

Kierkegaard on Subjective and Objective Truth

On the Role of citta and caitta in the Yogacara Schoolís Theory of Mind.

Notes on Lenin and Marxism

Moral Relativism and the Southeast Asian Mass Media

Centre-Periphery Relations and the Transformation of Southeast Asian Arts

Are the Aims of Development and the Lives of Indigenous Communities in Southeast Asia Mutually Exclusive?

Urban Primacy in Southeast Asia

Urbanisation without Industrialisation in Southeast Asia

Military Coups in Thailand

On the Failure of Chinese Nationalism to Create a United Chinese Community in Indonesia During the Early 20th Century.

On the 1996 Presidential Campaign in the Russian Federation