This page is for Amir Farhan only

Your mother will be warded into HUKM on the 24th of October 2002 (not the 27th as told earlier). That'll be her 38th week of pregnancy - the earliest, safest time to deliver. (A normal delivery is usually on the 40th week). The baby is already big, and due to your mother's diabetic condition during this pregnancy, the doctor advised that the earlier the better - before the baby gets too big.

The delivery will be done the next day, that is on the 25th. Hopefully everything will go on well, and your fifth brother will be here by then. Don't worry, I'll be having the digital camera handy, and will take the first photos of the baby as soon as I am allowed to do so and will put them into this webpage as quickly as I can.

So, in the meantime, pray to Allah so that your mother will be fine and the baby will also be fine.