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June 27 2001

Where The SHAOLIN NETWORK started....

Old School Productions(OSP) was a non-profit, fan based organization dedicated to increasing public knowlege of Japanese animation and related material. The entire endeavour lasted from 1994 through the summer of 1999. That is where the gaming aspect came in. OSP was dedicated to running video gaming tournaments at Japanese animation conventions. Chances are, if you've been to Otakon, Katsucon, Anime East or the like, you've at least heard of the Shaolin Showdown.This page is centered around bringing you information about OSP, it's plans for the next Shaolin Showdown(X at the Otakon'99 Gaming Room), as well as current news of the gaming industry. Also, we now have extensive reviews of hot new import, domestic, and arcade games. We now have extensive move lists for import games, as well as arcade games, sometimes well before the stateside release! So dive in, have fun, and please send feedback as to what games you would like to see featured and what needs improvement.

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