Well, Well, Well !!! I just can't believe it !!!

It's Kuya Jun's Homepage

What's up, Y'all??

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my page. It's getting crowded so I set up another for you all to see more pictures.
Anyway, send in your pictures to me and I'll put them on.

Please don't forget to sign my guestbooks. My Lpage guestbook got better and is now available for signing in. Just as long as you sign in.

Have fun looking around and see what's in the wonderful world of KuyaJun. Again, thanks for stopping by and I hope you can hear my song. If not, then there is definitely some problems. :-P

If you want to find out more about me, just click the flag below.

Shout outs to all my friends and family. Check it out.

These are just some of the homepages of my friends. Enjoy them, but come back soon. If you want your page linked, just mail me your address and I'll take a look. If it's good enough to be on my page, I'll put it on.

  • Jay Pineda's Little Bahay
  • Mike Pineda's Teknoman House
  • LadyFlash and Momo's Spot
  • C-Boogie's Crib, Yo!

    This is the homepage of my friends from the North Eastern part of the United States and Eastern Canada. Check it out.

    Even my brother has his own little spot to look at. Actually, it's mine but I gave him some space

    Follow this link to his little section.

    Just knock here.

    Wanna see what we did on Binhi Day last year??

    Da Guyz of Anaheim - wanna see ??

    Da Gurlz who are close to me - wanna see ??

    Spring Break '97. Check it out.

    What is this song that keeps playing ???

    Click SPICE GIRLS to see some of my new friends.

    Please mail all your comments to me at any one of the e-mail addresses below. As a public relations major, your feedback is really valuable to me. Tell me how I can make things better.

    Also, know that this page is going to be under constant construction.

    Thanks, and I'll see ya when I do. Out

    1997 vboy@csulb.edu

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