Friends ... duh ... whatís that?!? I lost most of them when I became a digital dweeb surfing the net and spending countless constipated hours constructing this hopeless homepage (I know, always aliterations). Although, I do now have more virtual friends than real ones. Iím not sure if thatís a good or bad thing ... the "virtue of virtual versus physical" (say it 5 times fast!) ... mmmm ... I think my Toronto friends are beginning to look more like avatars.

Tao is one of the sweetest guys I know. We met in Bangkok about 4 years ago and became the best of friends. We never write alot (till email came around) but each time we are together we feel very close and miss each other alot. Tao's the one who made me really see what the Thai people are like; very good natured, carefree, kind hearted, and a warm smile that truly stems from the heart. I always have a good feeling thinking about him. I wish him all the best with his new Japanese lover. They are thinking of buying a condo together. Till we meet again, Tao ...

Duc Nukem 3-B is an Ďold' friend from the days I moved to Toronto almost 10 years ago. Iíve always had the fondest admiration for his contagious smile and a role model of what it means to live life with a passion and be the very best for yourself and your fellow mankind - it just means that heís a great Windows 95 hacker. In a way, he was the Wind Beneath My Helium Heels. I had the pleasure of meeting his spunky boyfriend Daniel from Minneapolis who possesses the identical virtues of Mary Tyler Moore! And what a wonderful dynamic couple they make. Oh Iím so envious! Duc's web page also has a comprehensive collection of Asian references as well as other entertaining links. So go check out their sites!

Julian and Marc are newly weds who also happens to be my downstair neighbours. Julian and I are both from Calgary and also work at the same company. We don't share the same brand of underwear. These coincidences are not leading up to anything but incidental. Actually, it was Julian's house warming party that led me to buying a unit in this condo as well. His new found bf, Marc is HOT, sinfully sexy, and off limits - I can only go down to borrow a cup of sugar or lub at best.

Actually, most of my Toronto friends (all two of them) are still living in the Flintstone age. I haven't yet managed to get their photos scanned either. Calvin & Mark, Doug & Jerome and other rent-a-friends are coming real soon now to an internet server near you (as soon as I do their portraits!) - so keep watching!

Perhaps I treasure true friends almost as much if not more than a lover. You can never have too many friends but you also cannot have too many true friends either. Like a masterpiece, they should be rare and unique. My cousin Edmond is one such friend - time tested and true. We shared a childhood together in Hong Kong and spent adolescent summers in Western Canada. He is now a struggling film maker with a clear vision and focused determination to get his first full-length featured film out. Last year he met his significant half, Dennis, and I also wish them well.

As for cyber friends, Iím just starting to get to know some, especially on the GAM channel of the IRC. Kenji is my 1st internet contact and has been very helpful and supportive. Perhaps you and I will hit it off! I hope you will chat me up when you see FlyLice (that's fried rice to you, you pLick!) logged on. This is to differentiate the stale old rice (moi) from the BabyRice.

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