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Hiya !! Here's the RARE Anime & Game MP3 Page for you guys. I'll try to update my page weekly if I have enough time and enable of connection (my University's Network real slow, Welp anyone wanna gimme yourr net account? ^-^) welp welp welp.. I'll try my Best .. Mail me or use ICQ (13435941) for your comments

Hmm .. Some RULES for my page .. 1) All can download anything from my page BUT .. don't even think to make any business from them. .. these are for FREE distribution .. 2) If you have any interesting MP3 files or page's URL please send'em to me .. Well, I'm making my MP3 library (^_^) 3) And, yeah, you can link up my page if you like 4) If you have some spaces and don't make any use of them, send me 5) Some files you can't see their links mean they were removed and replaced with new other songs 6) Also find some times visiting my Farewell Art Page ^-^ (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE)

11 April 2000 -- FIX links for DUAL! Single

Single : DUAL! / Real
Released : 99-04-23
Price : 1,020 Yen
Code : PIDA-1047, Pioneer LDC

Track 01 - DUAL!

Track 02 - Real

Track 03 - DUAL! (instrumental)

Track 04 - Real (instrumental)

Nya~n ... Farewell Game & Anime MP3 Zone will temporaly closed from now on. I have neither time nor space for uploading songs.

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Atarashii Shin
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