The Ranma 1/2 Dragonball Fusion

The Ranma Dragonball Fusion

By Ranma Nibunnoichi

Wow, I can't believe I'm updating this page within just 1 week of the last update. It's a miracle, folks. Yet another fan's continuation of Ranma 1/2 Z has been added, this one by Dreamweaver Studios. I hope this keeps up. Remember, your own versions of Ranma 1/2 Z or Neo are always welcome!

Previous updates:
5-14-00 ---- Added Hikaru of Rayearth's continuation of Ranma 1/2 Z Neo
11-6-99 ---- Finally, an update! For those of you who wanted to see more chapters of Ranma 1/2 Z Neo, you're in luck! However, *long pause* they are NOT written by me. Some time ago, a dedicated reader convinced me that the fanfic is too much of a waste to be unfinished, and offered to write more chapters to it himself. This gave me the idea that I should "open" the sequel to the fans. If you want to write your own continuing chapters, please do so! I think it will be interesting for readers to look at versions of the story by other readers.

I've made a "Fan's continuations" section on this page. If you have written your own chapters to Neo (or are thinking of it), please put them up on a web page, and email me ( with its url. I will put up a link to your page on that section. It's that simple! You are completely free to take the story anywhere you want, I will not do any editing to it, so it'll be your own work. Currently there are two links in that section. Hopefully this will inspire other fans to write their own continuations.
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Hi, I am Ranma Nibunnoichi , Musabetsu Kakutou Saotome Ryuu, Saotome Second Generation, from the Saotome School of the Flawless-in-any-style Way of Martial Arts. You might know this as Anything Goes Martial Arts, but I don't go by Viz's translations.

Welcome to the first Ranma/Dragonball Crossover ever created on the net. Among many other things, this is the home of popular fanfic titled "Ranma Z". All you need is to ask yourself: "what would happen if Ranma could become Super Saiyajin?" And you'll know what my fanfic is mainly about. But don't think the plot is that simple. While there is a lot of action, I'm sure you'll be intrigued by some of the events that occurs in this fanfic. I have also drawn pictures of the main characters to enhance your feel for the story. Enjoy it to your hearts content.

Ranma Z

This is where it all started. (Click on the above huge link to access the chapters) Since the debute of Ranma 1/2 Z, I have recieved a tremendous amount of input from readers that are fans of Ranma 1/2 as well as fans of Dragonball Z. Many have provided me with valueable insights that motivated me to write the 17 parts it contains. Ranma 1/2 Z is one of those fanfics out there that has an effective and balanced mixture of originality, plot, character developement, and especially action. This is my first work of fanfiction, and possibly my greatest creation. If this is your first time to my page, then you should definitely read Ranma 1/2 Z. I promise it will be worth your time. ^_^ If you are a returning fan, and it has been a long time since you read it, you might want to go through the parts again, because who knows, you may read some things that you missed on your first time through. I thank each and every one of you who have wrote to me, because Ranma 1/2 Z would not exist without readers like you.

Welcome to the continuation of Ranma Z. I originally intended to have the story end as it is, but I received so many requests for a sequel even before I finished part 17, so I ended Ranma Z in a way where a sequel is possible. I have written 3 parts, and other chapters may be written by fans.
Ranma Z Neo takes place after Trunks returns to his future from the end of Ranma Z. If you have forgotten, that means the Dragonball time frame is right after the last issue (Issue 42) of Dragonball. However, it is before Dragonball GT. So everything happens in the between the end of DBZ and the beginning of DBGT (Note that DBGT begins about 9 years after the end of DBZ). During this time, Trunks and Goten have both grown well into their teenage years. Gohan have married Videl, and their daughter, Pan, is 5 years old. Goku has left to train with Ubuu. Ranma Z began with Trunks traveling to Ranma's time, and ended with him coming back. This sequel takes place one year after Trunk's successful return. Everyone ages accordingly (ie Pan is 6 years old in this sequel.). The focus Ranma Z Neo is still more Ranma than Dragonball, but this time, the DBZ crew will participate a LOT more than in the first series.

Fans' continuations / Alternate versions

This section contains works by other fans. They could be continuations to Ranma 1/2 Z Neo, alternate universes of my fanfic, or just side stories in general. Note that there is no "official" continuations to what I have written. My goal is to get many people to write their own versions of the story for everyone to read. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the work of others. Please give them your support and feedback as you have done when I was writting.

Trails of the Past

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