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Well, for the info Dragonball is a japanese cartoon that took 9 years to finish. And that counts all the stages, Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT. Here you can see information on the specific series:


At the start of Dragonball there is a little 8 year old boy, Goku, who was a being from another planet that cae to coquer the earth but hit himself on the head and forgot everything. He lived with his "grandfather" in a far-out forest. Later he accidentaly killed his grandfather by looking at the full moon and transforming into a giant monkey. His grandfather gave him the four-star dragonball before dying. Well this girl bulma came along looking for the dragonballs with her dragon radar. She found Goku and convinsed him to go on a quest for the dragonballs. Well many adventures happen, which you can find out for yourself.


Continuing dragonball, I consider Dragonball Z the best. This is where Goku discovers he is an alien, where he meets Vegeta, his life rival, and when he reaches Ssj1, 2 and 3. People say he never reaches 2. Well, for those people, I'll tell you he went to 2 when showing off to Majin Boo. First he showas him Ssj, then he goes on Ssj2, then goes normal, then goes into the amazing Ssj3. I saw that, he went to Ssj2. In this series, anyways, Goku has his first and only two sons, Gohan and Goten. Vegeta and Bulma get Trunks (Gotens best friend, they fuse to make Gotenks) and some other girl I don't remember. This is all very interesting.


Continuing Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT isn't considered very good because the same person didn't make it. The pictures are a little different. Anyways in this series Goku becomes a 8 year old again because of his enemy, Pilaf. He has to go with Pan and Trunks to recover the black Dragonballs, before the earth blows up. It is very interesting, specialy since Goku reaches the amaing stage of Ssj4, and fuses with Ssj4 Vegeta to make Ssj4 Gozita! Well, here is where the series ends and all the dragonball fans die out...

I would like to thank Dan's Page some information and the logos.