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Here are the links to my favorite Dragonball Sites. If you want your site posted here, just email me.

  • SOFIA'S SSJ Goten and Trunks page: My frien's page. It has lots of animations, and legendary layout so simple you can't get tangled in.
  • Gohan's Dragonball Page: I have to admitt this is the best designed, informative, picturesque site I've seen in the net. Alot of information, pictures, links, and a page layout so good I could stare at it for hours. Go to this page.
  • Goku no Dragon Ball Jinja: Let's say I rather like the setting of this page, simple, little, and neat. If you have go to it, it's worth it's while.
  • Dan's Dragonnball Page ALOT OF INFO. If you are looking for any kind of info in dragonball come here. It's in spanish though.
  • Dragonball/Z/GT Conmtains many impossible to find pictures (if it was'nt for it, I would'nt have my front banner) and also some info. Very interesting.
  • Dragonball Z Speciality Store Has the official funimation merchandice, and also the Dragonball video games.
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