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This Year Stamp Catalog Stamp Catalog

This web site offers a 100% free on-line Stamp Catalog, detailing each set of stamps issued from 1940 to the present. The catalog is divided by decades. Each decade is further subdivided for each year. Some years, however, are divided in to two or more separate pages to decrease loading time.

Virtual Book Store Philatelic Book Store

In association with, books listed on the References and Book Store can be purchased through this site. Pre-selected titles have been recommended to understand Philippine philatelic idiosyncrasies.

Links Philatelic Links

The links pages categorize online and off-line Philippine philatelic resources. A page also lists reciprocal philatelic web sites as well as special indices and directories. This site is also listed in Joe Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web, the best resource in worldwide philatelic links.

News Bulletin Philatelic News Bulletin

A news bulletin, updated monthly, summarizes the headlines concerning Philippine philately. Sources of these information are usually stamp bulletins, catalog updates, news agencies and the like.

Notes Philatelic Notes

Learn about the idiosyncrasies of Philippine philately and stamps. Read the succinct description of author's experience in stamp collecting and the humble beginnings of this web site.

Profiles Vignette Profiles

A glossary of philatelic terms and biographical sketches of stamps' vignettes were recently added. This section also serves as a good guide for topical collection.


Club Philatelists Club

Be informed of the latest events, issues, auctions, meetings from the Club members. Be part of the Philippine Philatelists Club!

Forum/Message Board Philatelic Issues Forum

A discussion / message board, The Philippine Philatelic Discussion Forum, offers an intelligent exchange of ideas regarding Philippine philately. A digest summarizes the messages and postings for the past quarter of the year and forms part of the Archives.

Fill Out Survey Guest Feedback

A Guest Book and a Web Site Survey are also available to visitors. By simply filling out a form, ideas regarding the site's content and links shall greatly improve its over-all outlook. A e-mailed reply is assured for those who signify. Add your OWN entry to the Guest Book.

Web Ring Web Ring

With the advent of Web Rings, with a fervent hope to realize visits and cooperation among the web ring members, the Philippine Stamp Collectors and Philatelist Web Ring, hosted by WebRing is also open to all stamp collectors and philatelists who specializes in collecting and studying Philippine Stamps.

Awards Awards and Accolades

Presents the accolades bestowed on this site and this author. The awards are the fruits of this authors' labor, lost sleep, and seemingly endless revisions to make this web site the best that could ever happen to Philippine philately on line.


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