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Hey, welcome to my (Neo) Modern Head. You'll find links here to resources on Japan, and some of my thoughts too! If you happen to be a post-modern, pre-modern, or just a plain modern then maybe you should move on by.....


Ownership, Control and Ideology in the Japanese Firm
A critique of "Employee Corporatist" theories of the Japanese firm. This thesis argues that a owners and managers remain the primary beneficiaries of the operation of the Japanese firm, despite claims by some Japanese scholars that management has been liberated from the influence of owners and that it acts primarily in the interest of Japanese Workers. A more dynamic model of the corporation is suggested; one that takes into account the psychological operation of theories of the Japanese firm within that institution itself. Thesis presented as part of the requirements for admission to the Honours Degree in Japanese Studies at the University of Adelaide. A Condensed Form in Japanese is also available. Turn your language encoding on.

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