MangAnime Cornucopia

Ya! Lookin' for a weird selection of manga- and anime-related crap? Ogle no further, as here it is. Small selection it might be, that's true, but just wait and see... maybe we'll actually think up something good to fill this page...

Approach Zero

A shallow peek into the greatest manga of all times, Yoshihisa Tagami's 'Grey'. A short look on the anime version too.

The True Way of Anime Viewing

The Purist's Guide.

Fanfic of the Eek

Eek? Whassat? Doesn't matter, as there's only the storage area left...

Chiisai Sylia Shrine and other strangeness

By the same author: The Shrine That Lives Up To It's Name! and not-lots more!

Manga ja Anime Yhdistys

Biggest and most beautiful; Finland's number one MangAnime club.

Signed, Greyer.

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