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The main purpose of this forum is to promote the usage of the Hmong language through questions and answers that are posted and distributed via electronic mail.

The Hmong LG Mailing List is created to help encourage the usage of the Hmong language. It is our hope that the people who join this group will pour their knowledge together to enrich and nurture the Hmong language so that it will be around for generations to come.

We would like to invite those of you (e.g., linguists, translators, teachers, etc...) who are more proficient in the Hmong language to join this group and help us make this forum a good start in the cyberspace. It is our hope that other Hmong language users throughout the world will benefit greatly from this mailing list as the internet/e-mail capability become more widespread. It is also our intent that the discussions through Hmong LG shall encompass and open for all forms and variants of the Hmong language.

Yes, Hmong LG Mailing List is a FREE service of course. Hmong LG Mailing List is now an automatic list server. Presently, Hmong LG is being maintained by a few volunteers who have no association or affilliation whatsoever with any for-profit firms, organizations, or groups with respect to the Hmong language. What you'll need to be a part of Hmong LG is to have access to an e-mail address (see Free E-mail Service). You don't need full internet access to be a part of Hmong LG. Should you have any questions or comments, please contact the list managers/moderators at:

Ua Tsaug Ntau.

Hmong LG List Managers/Moderators


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