Happy Birthday Day Jessey!
Hey Babe! What's up? I *hope* you love this site:) LoL HaPpY BiRtHdAy:) I've tried to make this page like 50, 5000 times now. (hehehe the comma's in the wrong place... oph well). I finally decited to try HTML (AHHH! Scary letters! lol) Anyways, I'll share Zaccy with you today:) Check EvRyThInG out!!!

Website to check out:
Just Hanson story to read from here, Walls and it's Sequel Roads (my 2 fave hanson stories... I read Walls B4 I even fell in love with hanson:))

Person to e-mail:
hehehe me because you love me and I wanna know what you think

something cool to click on
how long until the end of the world? hehehe

cOoL hAnSoN pRoJeCt (kind different:))
this is something kinda cool. just check it out

Depressed? Interesting page to check out:)
hey- I was bored one day:)

FunKy SearCh EngiNe ThAt LookS iN a loT oF OthEr SeaRch EngInes
I use this all the time

sites that do stuff
heh, I'm glad it does something:)~

dude! This page is cool!

gottA loVe PikAchu!!!:)

Smile for Me!
smile page:)

Arts and Entertainment - tulsa tokyo and mon
cool Hanson Chat

I love this Catalog. Too bad they
just won't send me it anymore...

MTV - Daria Store
gotta love Daria

home of little kitty:)

Almost Perfect...and more
hanson stories Hansonfiction
Y W T 2 K some fan fiction to check out

done with the links? I'm gonna try as hard as I can to get pictures in here 4 you!:)

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wah taho ttie! hehehe Zac Hanson: Gotta love Him!

Grrrr I'm so mad because I uploaded like seven pictures and only one worked! Sorry. Anyways, okay I don't know hold on... gotta get one last thing for you...

Hey Babe! I set up an e-mail thingy and Had my friends e-mail you at it click

importent into you need:
Log in name thingy: Jesseysbday
Password: Hanson

Have fun! And I hope you LOVED this page:) e-mail me!!!!

LOVE YOU! (dearly not queerly!!!)