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Artie's Sailor Senshi Sanctuary


Welcome to Artie's Sailor Senshi Sanctuary!
 This Page Was Last Updated-June 7, 2000 12:32 am Central).

According to Artie Computations, you are visitor number  to come here since January 12, 1998!!

Happy Artie What's New-Hai hai, I'm evil.. I FINALLY updated and added some *tada* FANART!! Expect a revamp REAL soon since it's summertime, as well as more work on the Radio Play, and a section on Jewel Kilcher-my muse! Maybe some personal info, maybe not. Meh.. we'll see. Anywho knock yourself out, i AM alive and except more updated soon! :D Let's see, anything within MY pages that has been updated will have a kewl little updated by them. ^_^ Wellllll, i spose that's all for now. Feel free to take any pics you like, except for the ones that I've made/edited (i.e. the artie balls, and the SM Ring of power pics). ^_^

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Chibi Neptune

Save Our Sailors

Odango Atama's Anime Cafe-Lemme tell you, this page is GREAT! Run by one of my best IRC friends.  It's her dream and aspiration.

Anime Web Turnpike-THE best site for anime links this side of Tokyo.

Mahou Tsuki Tai Radio Play-If you don't know what MTT is, then you're missing out big time! 

The Original SM Fandub-Yes, the ORIGINAL.  It's awesome!  Great work, Mark-san!

The Fushigi Yuugi Fandub Gateway-I'm IN IT!!!! :D


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