Kaiganyama's Homepage
aims at helping people from Sweden and other Western Countries to enjoy their relations with the wonderful Japanese people

Updated April 11, 1997

The webpage was opened to honour my hosts and their great hospitality
during my scholarship visit in December 1994 to Tokyo and NRIPS

Shishi Kaigan-yama is a translation to Japanese Japanese
of my name in Swedish Om Lennart på svenska Lennart Strandberg
In English English it would be something like Lion Beach-mountain

Useful phrases

Thanks (a lot) Domo (arigato gozaimas) Tack (så mycket)
Excuse me Sumimasen Ursäkta
Do you speak English? Eigo hanashimasuka?
Talar ni engelska?

Before going to Japan, I was told that people in the streets of Tokyo are shy and difficult to speak to in English.
My experience was the opposite. When I opened with my very poor Japanese (Sumimasen, Ei'go ha'nasemaschka), people probably felt that their English was much better than my Japanese. So, they made me understand in one way or another.
To find your way as a pedestrian in Tokyo, that phrase is very useful. Particularly if you have a street-map to point at.
Bring a compass to use when you come up from the subway.
Keep a card in your pocket with the address to your hotel written in Japanese.

Good morning o-haiyo(-gozaimasu) God morgon
Good afternoon (Hello) Konnichi-wa God middag
Good evening Komban-wa
God kväll
A toast ('bottoms up') kampai Skål
please (help yourself) dozo varsågod
something to drink
nomimono dryck
Hope you will
enjoy your meal!
(from Hutch)

When dining, you should serve beverage to your neighbour and wait for her/him to serve yourself.
It is impolite to pour up for yourself and drink before others have anything in their glasses.

Would you like to roll your own Sushi?
Even if you don't, I do recommend Japanese seafood!
After my few days in Japan, I became very fond of it.
In fact, I chose seafood when returning on the plane, though the Steward offered delicious meat, too.

(på svenska) For Swedes in emergency need of Sushi, there is Sushi-Akuten

More will be added in due course. Welcome back!
Now, you may find valuable information at The University of Tokyo

News from my profession
(traffic safety research)
are being posted at the bi-lingual Homepage of
English VETA Svenska

Check in and save bookmark!

VETA VETA is a Swedish acronym for
Science and Experience in Traffic safety Work

In the VETA research society
we support drivers
by providing knowledge
rather than blame

Accidents are unintentional like diseases
Prevent them accordingly!

Under Construction

The correspondence with my dear friends in Japan was lost when I left the Swedish Road and Transport Research Institute VTI. (Just a couple of weeks after my return from Japan, I switched from being an employee at the VTI to work full time with the development of the VETA society and its education of traffic safety professionals in scientific research.)
Therefore, I have posted on the web some of the pictures that seemed to be lost in mail. Nevertheless, they are still available in computer media:

During the night for my preparation of the "Japanedish" flag above, the Kobe earthquake took place. This memory makes me associate the picture with strong feelings, and it still reinforces my personal contacts from Tokyo in December 1994.

The graphics is dedicated to many people who gave me a great and long-lasting impression of Japan.
I look forward to future co-operation and deepened experiences.

Initially for this webpage, I (at centre of picture) would like to mention in particular:

Under Construction

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Best Wishes from Lennart Strandberg
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GSM cellular phone: +46 (0)70 54321 00
Mailing address: VETA, Box 1, S-59054 Sturefors, Sweden.
Email: lennart.strandberg@veta.se

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