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Connect to Malaysia

Malaysian News

Do You Have a Malaysian Traffic ticket (Summon)? Check it out here.

Check and make your Traffic Traffic Ticket (Summons) Online

Malaysian STAR {English} Malaysian Berita Harian {B. M'sia}

Malaysian {NST} English Utusan Malaysia {B.M'sia}

Malay Mail {English}

Msian Tamil News - Dinamani

Aliran News

Malaysia Kini

Bernama News

Search a Job In Malaysia at Jobstreet Jobs from STAR Publications JobsDB


Msia Tribunal (Consumer Affairs and Domestic Trade Ministry)

Thinking of getting a new or used car in M'sia

cool site in Malaysia

Hear some music live in English, Malay, Tamil, and Chinese

Malaysian Lottery Numbers Online

Malaysian Real Estate Listings

Find a Job in Singapore

Singapore's Straits Times Interactive

Malaysian Map

National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia

World's Top University Rankings - 2004

Malaysian Governmental Contacts in US

Malaysian Weather

Malaysian Classic Car [Coming Soon]

Cool Indian Malaysian Site

Check on MyKad Status at JPN

Show your kind heart!

Connect to India~Tamilnadu

Business Page

Vijay's IT Page


Check your internet bandwidth at Cnet

Bandwidth Speedometer from McAfee

Bandwidth Speedometer for Malaysians from Telekom

Click Here to Test Your Speed

All the search engine that u want

Another way of searching

Need to search either electrical or electronic stuff? Check this out!

Internet Encyclopedia by MSN

Thinking of moving, start here!

Good apartment search for movers

Start here to search for Apartments

Another place to look for apartments!

Need a new or used car, start looking here!

A cool place to look for automobiles with photos

Good search results with photo for new and used cars

Blue Book price for your vehicle.

Need to know the market pricing for your vehicle, click here!

Specialized car search for Michigan

Get free stuffs from the Net!

You are an Alien...lost! here to check out the earth's map.

Cool site to create your greeting cards for all occasions!

Another site to send quick cards to anyone

Tons of card varities!

Another huge collection of cards!

The best Deepavali Greetings and Indian Greeting Cards Around!!!

Click here to visit Send Cool Indian Greeting Cards

More Deepavali Links More Deepavali E-Cards Here

Send some beautiful flowers to your love ones

Wanna travel somewhere is US? And need a guide or distance prompter!

Malaysian YellowPages (Telekom)

Malaysian Business Directory Listing

Internet Yellow pages by Ameritech

Compilation of Major Telecommunication Company Internet Yellow pages

Compilation Looking for Budget Place to Stay...Look No further!

Looking for a job, check this out. Employer's check out these resumes

You have an invention...Start to Patent NOW

Laugh your head off!! at SLACKING CORNER.

Humor of Melvin Durai

Chat here!

Cool place to chat, anywhere in the world!

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