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J2J, just a File Manager for Java
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Introduction to TineNet

This Program is just a File Manager, as title. It looks special and oddly because of the following characterictics:

  • Four directory windows displayed on each corner, to make your life easier and more comfortablly.
  • Customized Initial File named "J2W.INI" , you can define your own text editor, file copier, .... etc., even the launch pad and the association between files and related programs.
  • Customized buttons to stand for different disks or volumes.
  • Aware of Norton's "TREEINFO.NCD", file-description as "INDEX.DOC", "00_INDEX.TXT", "FILES.BBS", "FILES.CD", "DESCRIPT.ION", ...etc.
  • Quick-File-Find function, just press "SHIFT" key and input any part of the filename, the selected item (inversed) will move to the right place, and [SHIFT-ESC] key means next one.
  • Powerful directory & command bookmarks.

How to Download it ?

Many thanks for your interest with "Mr. janitor II for Java". Though it is still in the very Alpha version, any suggestion or comment will be appreciated. Pls Mail to me , then you will receive support and assistence in using the software through email. In addition, you will be notified of any new release or enhancement to the software in a timely fashion.

Brief Usage

To run "J2J for Java", you must setup a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) on your platform in advance, then, you just download it, expand it, and execute it. Normally, standard steps are as following:

  • Make sure your machine is a JVM-enabled platform with Java Applications.
  • Download a free copy of "J2J.JAR" on your favorite directory, for example: J2J.
  • Expand it with the decompression utilities "JAR.EXE", which is part of JDK1.1.x packages.
               >jar  xf   j2j.jar
  • Run it, for example:
               >set classpath=.;c:\java\lib
               >java AppletButton 
    Note: The defaulf language code of J2J is Big5-Taiwan, you must insert a line in the Initial File "J2W.INI":
    if you are familiar with plain English.

Known Bugs & Schedule

  • No Drag-and-Drop function. --> will be fixed next version.
  • No Image and Multicolumn List.
  • No Drirectory sorting type selection.
  • Multi-file selection is hard to use. ( you must press the "Control' key at the same time, and that will cause directory content refreshed).
  • Powerful File-Filter will be provoded next version. (for example: *.java + *.dll - a*.* > 02/11/97 < 05/25/97 > 10240 ...)
  • Performance will be improved next version. (Maybe use JIT ??)

Demo Exhibition

J2J Demo1 Demo1 - Chnage Directory Dialog

J2J Demo2 Demo2 - Initial File Setting Table

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