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Anna aka Coyote_jo - 07/12/00 06:19:19
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Languages: Many

very nice website. Thank you for sharing. Peace. Please come visit my Home Page when you have time.

noura - 06/25/00 11:32:50
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Nationality: syrian
Permanent address ( country): englnd
Languages: arabic and$

i love you

Greg Lejeune - 03/31/00 19:28:16
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Just dropped in to say hello.

- 08/17/99 22:05:29


- 08/17/99 22:05:19


Schaher Murad - 07/26/99 09:52:20
My Email:schaher@t-online.de
Nationality: Syrian
Permanent address ( country): Frankfurt/Germany
Languages: Arabic/German/English

Marhaba! It's amazing to know a syrian fello living in Taipei. I used to travel there a lot (Business) and i was imporessed how active the taiwanese are. Nice website, keep on ! Wish you all the best Schaher Murad

Mohammad - 07/04/99 02:44:25
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Nationality: Syrian

Good Job!

Hui Mei Chau,autumn - 05/07/99 05:47:06
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Nationality: China
Permanent address ( country): Hong Kong
Languages: Cantonese,Chinese.......

I like it......really........

Turki Amer - 04/11/99 12:00:08
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My Email:turki@netvision.net.il
Nationality: Arab-Palestinian
Permanent address ( country): Global Village
Languages: Arabic, Hebrew & English

Dear Waleed! Here I am at your magnificent site. Keep creating more pages of light.. to brighten our Arabian night.


Sights and sounds for freedom to all
Straight from the deep south of the soul


Darlene - 04/04/99 03:33:07
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Nationality: American
Permanent address ( country): Florida
Languages: English

Waled your web page is real nice. I have learned alot about where you live. Still looking though everything.You did a great job,keep up the good work.I will be back many times to see what else you have added to your pages.

Darlene - 04/04/99 03:26:52
My URL:http://29148606
My Email:Laffsatlyf@earthlink.net


Garry - 03/04/99 03:54:43
My Email:glust@van.bc.ca
Nationality: Canadian
Languages: English

Thanks for the information.

Turki Amer - 02/14/99 20:44:56
My URL:http://westwood.fortunecity.com/malcolms/474
My Email:turki@netvision.net.il
Nationality: Arab-Palestinian
Permanent address ( country): Israel
Languages: Arabic/Hebrew/English

Marhaba Waleed! Your site about Syria is most wonderful and informative. Thanks for replying my e-mail, visiting my homepage and signing my guestbook. Keep on renewing your site.

Rob - 12/19/98 12:53:17
My Email:glenmorangie@rocketmail.com
Nationality: Scottish
Permanent address ( country): Scotland
Languages: Gaelic, English

Great site, thanks for sendimg the URL to me.

System1 - 12/11/98 07:22:45
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Nationality: Yankee
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Languages: English

Nice page. The layout and content is great. Cept the ads do get kind of in the way.

Fly To - The Aviation Page

Noe Torres - 11/22/98 08:24:40
My Email:msnoe@hotmail.com
Nationality: American(USA)
Languages: English, Spanish, Korea

My name is Noe and I am a 4th year student at the University of California at Berkeley. My major is East Asian Realations with an emphasis in Korea. I have been studing Korean for the last 4 1/2 years and also speak Spanish ( and of course english). I am resently in Korea as an exchange student at Yonsei University. Feel free to send me an e-mail or ICQ me at 10893749.

ZOUHAIR CHAAR - 11/05/98 13:43:13
My Email:tristar315@aol.com
Nationality: syrian/us
Permanent address ( country): us

good louck waled

Raghida Bitar - 11/03/98 00:34:45
My Email:rbitar@mtl.smbits.com
Nationality: lebanese
Permanent address ( country): canada


Fisal Murar - 10/09/98 10:15:58
Nationality: U.A.E.
Permanent address ( country): U.K.
Languages: Arabic & English

I was very impressed to see a page about syria with that level. Keep the good work up and god will be with you.

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