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- Official name
Syria Arab Republic
- Capital
Damascus (Dimashq), (pop. about 5 millions)
- Main port
Lattakia on the north coast (pop. about 250 thousands).
Second port is tartus.
- Additional urban centers
Aleppo (pop. about 1.5 million)
Homs (pop. about 500 thousands)
Hama (pop. about 200 thousands)
- Population
About 16.5 Milions
- Population density
About 63 persons per sq. km
- Population profile
Mainly Arab ( about 90%), with Kurdish and Armenian minorities
- Land area
185,180 sq. km
- Highest point
Mount Hermon 2814 meters
- Languages
Arabic with Kurdish spoken in the north
English is widely under stood as a second languages
- Currency
Syrian pound (local name lira) divided into 100 piastres (qirsh)
Banknotes are in units of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000
- Government
Republic, legislated by the People's Assembly
Divided into 14 governorates
- Head of State
President Hafez Al-Assad
- Official religion
Islam is practiced by 86% of the population, most of which are Sunnite Muslims
most of the rest of the population practice Christianity, in a number of varying sectors
- International dialing code
- Time zone
GMT +2

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