Situated about 4o km east of Der'a, Bosrais famous for it's impressive and beautifulRoman theatre. It is an unusual structure in that it has a fortress built aroun it, probably constructed during the Omayyad and abbassid periods. It is this fortress which has defendedand preserved the theatre, thus accounting for it's excellent state of repair today. The theatre seated 15,000 people and unlike other Roman theatres, which were built into a hillside, this building is freestanding.

Other Roman sites include the baths, monumental gates and some fine Corinthian columns.

The rest of the town is built of black basalt blocks, often over and around old Roman buildings. It once stood at a crossroads of major trade and Muslim pilgrim routes, but is now little used and seldom visited. Bosra is still inhabited, but a new government is committed to relocation of the population to newer housing outside the old city walls.

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