Beloved Restaurant of Ukyo Kuonji

The Best Okonomiyaki in all Japan

Ukyo Kuonji

Hi Ranma honey! I know you're watching.
You're so cute! So when you gonna take me on a date, hmmmmm?
I'll make some okonomiyaki!
I'll even set Akane on a date with Ryoga to keep her out of your hair!
Meet me at Ucchan's!

Ranma! What did you do with my okonomiyaki?

I'm still perfecting my best recipe ever so bear with me okay?

What is Okonomiyaki?

"Japanese Pizza"

A doughy pancake-shaped lunch or dinner entree containing a mix of various meat and vegetables. Raw ingredients are often mixed and cooked by the patrons themselves using small metal spatulas. When you add thin, chewy, yakisoba noodles, okonomiyaki becomes "modern yaki," which is what Ukyo uses to snare Ranma during their hotplate battle. [From the Japanese verb Konomu, "to like; to love" + -yaku, "to roast; broil; grill"]

You know the one thing I hardly EVER put on my okonomiyaki? It's broccoli

Visit one of my satisfied customers,Alita

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