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Anime: [annie - may]
Japanese for 'animation.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Michael Kim

The Library of Alexandria... one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The keepers of the library were so dedicated to uncovering all forms of knowlegde they could, and they went through all possible means to get it. They borrowed, purchased, stole, connived and traded as many books, scrolls, tablets and other forms of written communication they possibly could.

And thus, I take the name of this page from that. Because I am willing to steal, trade, connive, purchase, mug and borrow any anime I come across that I like, and some that I don't (for my friends that do). I have the contacts, after all. I get the tapes, they just gome over and watch them, and look stupid doing it. It's much fun. ^_~

Anime Club

I am a member and the archivist for Anime Catalyst, an anime club in Corvallis, Oregon. The current webpage, found here, is being revamped and replaced.
Anime Titles

My anime collection is huge, and constantly expanding. My list measures 20-plus pages and well over 300 titles.

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