Project Civic
Status:  Ended on December 5th, 1999

This was my first car, it's a 1993 Civic EX coupe.  I bought it myself when I was 20 years old in 1998.  I had a lot of plans for this little car but those plans were stopped by a car accident on the night of December 4th when a lady ran a red light and hit me.  This was a very slow build up, I didn't know much about cars when I first bought this car and didn't do that much to my car even in an almost 2 year span.

Engine:  Injen intake
Suspension:  Eibach Sportlines and Tokico 5 way adjustable Illuminas
Wheels:  16x7 Racing Hart Tuners w/ Toyo FZ4 tires
Lighting:  Denji projector headlights w/ super white bulbs
Stereo:  Kenwood deck, Infinity speakers and Rockford Fosgate amp

Look how clean it is from this side.

Hit on the driver's side.

The door was not able to be opened.

There's a slight dent on the one of the rear rims.

The interior panels were cracked.
Project Jixxer
Status: Ended Jan 28th 2001

This is my Integra, I bought it used on April, 2000.  I've had it for about six months now, and if you've seen the car before me, you wouldn't even recognize it.  When I bought the car it had the stock GSR rims which looked okay, but they were really torned up.  The rims were scratched and scraped and the finish was pealing off.  There were a bunch of big dents on the passenger side quarter panel and driver side fender.  The antenna was stuck in the up position.  The paint was also neglected and was starting to turn a little bit yellowish.  I had all the dents removed, a stock spoiler put on, and so far have repainted 75% of the car.  It's been a hard journey for this little Jixxer, but it's turning out pretty nice if you ask me.

1994 Acura Integra GS-R "Jixxer"
Engine:  HKS intake, DC ceramic 4-2-1 headers, Pacesetter free flowing catalytic converter, Apex'i WorldSport cat back exhaust
Transmission:  Advanced Clutch Technology performance organic street clutch
Suspension:  Eibach Sportlines and Tokico 5-way adjustable Illuminas, front and rear strut bars, Z.Speed rear anti-sway bar
Wheels:  17x7 Racing Hart Type C2 w/ Falken GRBs 205/40/ZR17
Bodywork:  Wings West RS Type II bodykit, shaved side moldings, shaved emblems, shaved front license plate
Stereo:  Alpine CDA7863 deck, MB Quart 218.03cx components, MB Quart DKC 116 coaxials, JL 12w6 sub w/ MTX box, Precision Power Industries 6600.2 amp
Lighting:  Piaa Super White Platinum lights, euro clear bumper lights w/ Raybrig super white lights all around
Interior:  Indiglo blue/green gauges, carbon fiber bezel, Grant carbon fiber steering wheel ring, Razo carbon fiber pedals, Civic Type R shift knob, carbon fiber e-brake

Near future mods:  Momo steering wheel, AEM cam gears, Fields VTEC controller, remove the tint job which the last owner put on, 98+ rear bumper, JDM Type R auto-flip mirrors
Long term mods:  JDM Type R front end conversion, pearl white paint job, black leather interior, JE pistons, GReddy turbo kit

Wings West body kit.

Shaved emblems.

Wings West type II front lip.
Euro Clear bumper lights.

Shaved side moldings.

It's the real deal, Racing Hart Type C2.

Shaved side moldings.

Bling! Bling!
C2 17x7 w/ Falken GRB 205/40/ZR17.

Shaved front emblem and license plate.
Wings West front lip.

UPDATE: Feb. 14th, 2001 As you can see above, as of the night of the 27th, Project Jixxer has ended due to a major car accident which was partly my fault.  The sad part about it is, that just less then a week or so before the accident, I finally got all the components of my stereo installed and I just received a bunch of new parts that I didn't even get to test out on my car.  I just received, 98+ Integra rear bumper, 98+ Wings West RS lip, AEM Cold Air Intake, AEM Tru-Time Cam Gears, and AEM Tru-Power Pulley Kit.  And after my car was in the accident, when I was in the hospital and the Jixxer was in the impound, the guys at the impound stripped the stereo system from Jixxer.  From the looks of Jixxer, it's surprising the small amount of damage done to myself, I've been left with a 2-3 inch cut on the back of my head, a good amount of bruises and small cuts on my entire body and a shatter heart and soul.  As of now, Project Jixxer is over and as for future projects, it's not likely I will start another project car.

As you can see, the bumper was torn off and so was the side skirts.

Both airbags deployed.

Dents all the way down the driver side of the car.

The hood is bent and dented.

This gives a better view of the damage, note how the rim is slanted, it is bent.

Notice the roof of the car, how it's uneven.

The driver side door is gone as well.

The windshield is completely shattered.

The Great Jixxer as it will be remembered.