A little about your web master, Wayne.
This is the most recent pic of me =)
This is me at the prom back in 1996.

This is me when I was at Disneyland for New Years in 1998/1999.

This is me sometime in 1999.
As you can see I don't change much.

English Romanization of Born Name: Jian Rong
English Given Name: Wayne
Ethnicity: 102% pure Chinese ^_^
Date Of Birth: April 1, 1978
Place Of Birth: Toishan, Canton, China
Place Of Residence: San Francisco, CA, USA
Marital Status: Single
~High School: Raoul Wallenberg Traditional High School
~College: City College Of San Francisco, San Jose State University, San Francisco State University (currently attending)
Major: Business - finance
Minor: Liberal Studies
Fav. Movie: My Best Friend's Wedding, Addicted to Love, Sliding Doors
Fav. Car:  JDM Honda Integra Type R (DC2), Toyota Aristo (Lexus GS400), Nissan Silvia (S15), Mazda RX-7 (FD)
Fav. Color: Black, off white
Fav. Clothes: Banana Republic, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, A/X
Fav. Food: Japanese, Thai, Chinese
Fav. Types Of Music: Slow songs, Chinese songs, dance music, old 80's music, new wave
Fav. Songs: Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx, Rainy Days by Grasshopper, That's Why You Go by Michael Learns to Rock, I'm Still in Love with You by New Edition
Fav. TV Shows: Friends, Spin City, Caroline In The City (I don't watch too much TV actually.)
Fav. Radio Stations: 95.7 KZQZ (Z95.7), 94.9 KYLD
Fav. Anime: Gunbuster (one of the first I saw), the Tenchi-Muyo! series
Fav. Video Game: Dance Dance Revolution, Bust-a-Move (aka Puzzle Bubble), Gran Turismo series or any good puzzle/rpg/fighting game
Personal Quote: "Love is not something you fall into."
Interest: the arts, working on cars, music, watching movies, dances, sports (49ers, Giants), and girls of course ^_^
Dislikes: no matter how hard I try I can never find the right one
Work: at the moment I'm a sales associate at an electronics company, but that might chance very soon
Wishes: That love can truely be unconditional.
Future Intentions: I really want to visit Hong Kong, China and Japan. I want to take some Chinese classes and perfect my Chinese.  I want to make my parents proud of their eldest son.  I want to find that one special girl that I've been waiting for.