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Tsukino Usagi
(Voice Actor: Mitsuishi Kotono)
Birthday: June 30Least Favourite Food:Carrots
Sign: CancerFavourite Subjects:Home Economics
Blood Type:OLeast Favourite Subjects:Maths, English
Favourite Color:WhiteFears:Ghost, Dentist
Hobbies:Eating CakeExpert in:Crying
Favourite Food:Ice CreamDreams:Bride

Hino Rei
(Voice Actor: Tomizawa Michie)
Birthday: April 17Least Favourite Food:Canned Asparagus
Sign: AriesFavourite Subjects:Ancient Literature
Blood Type:ABLeast Favourite Subjects:Modern Social Studies
Favourite Color:Red & BlackFears:TV
Hobbies:AugurExpert in:
Favourite Food:balloonfishDreams:

Kino Makoto
(Voice Actor: Shinohara Emi )
Birthday: December 5Least Favourite Food:None
Sign: SaggitariusFavourite Subjects:Home Economics
Blood Type:OLeast Favourite Subjects:Physics
Favourite Color:PinkFears:Aeroplane
Hobbies:BargainingExpert in:Cooking
Favourite Food:Cherry PieDreams:Bride, Open Flower/ Cake Shop

Mizuno Ami
(Voice Actor: Hisakawa Aya )
Birthday: September 10Least Favourite Food:
Sign: VirgoFavourite Subjects:Maths
Blood Type:ALeast Favourite Subjects:None
Favourite Color:Water BlueFears:Love Letter
Hobbies:Reading, ChessExpert in:Calculate
Favourite Food:SandwichDreams:Doctor

(Voice Actor: Araki Kae)
Birthday: June 30Least Favourite Food:Carrots
Sign: CancerFavourite Subjects:Drawing
Blood Type:OLeast Favourite Subjects:Japanese
Favourite Color:Red & PinkFears:Stay alone at home
Hobbies:Collect rabbit related itemsExpert in:
Favourite Food:PuddingDreams:Lady

Aino Minako
(Voice Actor: Fukami Rika )
Birthday: October 22Least Favourite Food:Mushroom
Sign: LibraFavourite Subjects:Physical Education
Blood Type:BLeast Favourite Subjects:Maths, English
Favourite Color:Yellow & RedFears:Mama & Police
Hobbies:Expert in:Playing
Favourite Food:CurryDreams:Idol

Kaioh Michiru
(Voice Actor=?)
Birthday: March 6Least Favourite Food:namako
Sign: PiscesFavourite Subjects:Music
Blood Type:OLeast Favourite Subjects:None
Favourite Color:Marine BlueFears:
Hobbies:Collecting CosmeticsExpert in:Violin
Favourite Food:sliced raw fishDreams:Violinist

Tomoe Hotaru
(Voice Actor:?)
Birthday: January 6Least Favourite Food:Milk
Sign: CapricornFavourite Subjects:World History
Blood Type:ABLeast Favourite Subjects:Physical Education
Favourite Color:PurpleFears:Marathon
Hobbies:Collecting LampsExpert in:Injury treatment
Favourite Food:Japanese NoodlesDreams:Nurse

Meioh Setsuna
(Voice Actor:?)
Birthday: October 29Least Favourite Food:
Sign: ScorpioFavourite Subjects:Physics
Blood Type:ALeast Favourite Subjects:Music
Favourite Color:Dark RedFears:Cockroach
Hobbies:ShoppingExpert in:Sewing
Favourite Food:TeaDreams:Fashion Designer

Tenoh Haruka
(Voice Actor:?)
Birthday: January 27Least Favourite Food:Fermented Soybeans
Sign: AquariusFavourite Subjects:Physical Education
Blood Type:BLeast Favourite Subjects:
Favourite Color:GoldFears:confessing
Hobbies:DrivingExpert in:Driving
Favourite Food:SaladsDreams:to be a racer

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