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This is Fourth version of this Web. I have added things on top of the old version so it's not totally new. I know I have a lot of work to do. Anyways Now the index page it's quite good. From there you can access to all the pages. I think it is faster, prettier and also more rational.
We have added our site to the Internet Link Exchange to promote it. Now we have our banner surfin' the net somewhere. What do you think about our banner? Have you seen it ye? . Probably not... :(
Well here it is. Tell us what do you think (It's important for us). And Please tell us if you have seen it elsewhere.

This is our banner. Most of it was born inside Nil's mind and Ärztin made the rest

We have added some new Banners, check them out in this page and tell what you think about then. Tell us about our banners!

From the index you can access to five (5) different places
Where you'll find info about our MA Releases group (unedited yet...) I hope I can manage to put the stuff here very soon.
This is the old home page... but Now it contains more anime pics and links to the other sites
-The Film:
This is a FLU "superproduction" But it's so damm good I made an special link for it
Well, after all you are reading it.

little FAQ:

"where are the avi Releases?/ The FILM"
The Releases will be in AVI format and ready to download pretty soon
"A Film... what the heck?!!
Yes... A film... Ok.. a cheap video film. We have decided 4 minutes live and 20 seconds in an AVI it's not enough.
I met this winter some people interested on it. As i had the script and NÖRBERG convinced me.. We'll make it!!
It will be on video. Over 30 people will take part (as technicians and actors) and we´ll try hard to make something nice. One scene has been taped..and it's was great. (it was filmed in a very cold place -5 ºC /23 ºF) and We were so cold that we filmed it with no stops and first take was perfect. Anyways we have a lot of work to do.
As i always say... any suggestion...any comment... mail me!!!
"I don't understand a word!"
Some people have written mail to me sayin' we are assholes, weird, nerds.... and others sayin' we don't make sense
Well.. This a a eclectic page where We mix a lot of things... Anime, Martial Arts..and Honk Kong style movies (we'll try to mak'em). We are not professionals, but we try to imitate the pro's style. It's just that. So if you see the video cover and then you realize that there is no movie yet is because of that.
"You type awful english!!!"
You're right... besides I always make this so fast that many letters are missing
This is my fault...also it helps that I don't write in English for ages....
sorry for that :(

Most of this was born here

"Can I take part/Enter in your group?"
Of course you can... Mail us and tell us.
"Who is Nörberg, His/her name appears a lot but no picture... no add?"
Ok! he is very shy and althought he makes a lot of work for this page and for the movie (he had taken a lot of pics -over six rolls- and also has paid them.. hehehe) He definitely refuses to appear.... :(( . You know Armen from LKA it's like him. Well i think even worse. LATEST NEWS: His name is NILS
"What is LKA ?"
They are another group. Time ago they had the idea. All began when Dr. Kune-kun opens a BBS -Kame House- and....
Well it's gonna be better if you link to them... click!!!
LKA TEAM/ Kame House Web Page!
"Well I have gone... Why they say you're radikal?"
Hmmmm! This is good... Probably because we are newcomers. Or just because we introduce weapons in our production and we use violence without control :)) They make different stuff (up to now). When we decided making our own releses We decided action and violence will be over other aspects. We just decided this!! In our opinion there are two different branchs inside HK films. We try to make similar releases as the ultra-violence products directors like John Woo make.

This will be our movie banner. Most of it was born inside Ärztin

"So you say violence is good?"

No, we don't think so. But violence is all over the place. In our script we represent violent situations. There is no political message inside it. Bad Guys and good guys are mixed. The story itself is just an excuse to show you some ultra realistic scenes of violence and some Martial Arts skills. During the celebration of a World Fight contest violence and Martial Arts will be mixed. Anyways there is some different betwenn them. Violence is a dramatic recourse to situate the Martial Art. We have put ourselves the radical label...
"Do you give lighters, T-shirts....?"
Yeah!!! if we sell the movie to Warner or SONY or something we will give you all this stuff!!
You know we have to raise our espectatives!!! besides in the land of FLU everything is possible

"What kind of surprises do you have for us....?"
A lot!! apart from the Film section (under construction) there will be:
- a Page inside "the excentric millonaire" with "moving high gear with the RT 141" pictures... (me half-piping)
- some snowboard section inside that page. Main problem it's how to mix this with the general story.. probably as Mrs Geld issues. But i think is gonna be like a brochure from GELDCORP BOARDSfine crafters since 19990.

This will be our Surf banner. Nil's & Ärztin but she dit the flight

- new fighters and details about our staff.
- A Spanish version and also a German version
- Who knows......

Any other question you have... feel free to mail me and we'll answer it/them in this section

Leave mail to Ärztin Geld in:

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