These are my favourites animes. I love their crazy scripts and funny stories.
  • Ranma 1/2

  • Oh My Goddes

  • Tenchy Muyou
  • This page it will be dedicated mainly to them. But I will include some pics from other tittles like this one.

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      This was the Old Beta version of Ärztin Geld's home page dedicated to Anime and oriental staff like Martial Arts...Now It Would be a pure anime page. This page it's not finished yet. It will show pictures from the animes I mentioned above and some notes about them. Mainly my own feeling about the matter.

      A bit about anime:

      I love anime althought I am not an millionth power fan. I love a lot Ranma 1/2. Also Tenchi Muyou and Oh my Goddes! These three are probably my favourites. I like other stuff but not so much. I love in these three the surrealistic script and the love story in Ranma, the humour in all three etc. Spanish third Channel and the Catalonian TV (C33) have aired Ranma. The first time -I missed this one- the episodies were not in correct order... In C33 they aired the French mutilated version. Whith the opening and ending songs ripped off! and also the whole episodies were censored! Ärztin is against all type of censorship! If you don't like something don't read it, watch it or whatever !
      Anyways there's no offensive material on my page(s) no nudity, no violence etc, etc. Main reason I dont like. But if you do I support your choices! Anime It's not only "an explosion of animated violence" like many video dealers want you to think. It's a place for everything from the bizarre to the loveliest. Check out and you will find anything you like. Or maybe not.

      A- 18 and Ryoko, anime characters. They mix-up evil and god inside theirselves.


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      Do you like other Oriental stuff like Honk Kong movies and Martial Arts??!

      You'll find here all and even more.

      All made by us.

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