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The business of fight

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Photography: N÷rberg - Digital work: ─rztin & N÷rberg

─rztin Geld comes from Spain althought she is livin' in Baden Baden (Germany) a rich heiress from one of the richest families she got an MBA in MIT, but pretty soon she got tired of the bussines. When she was in Japan in a convention center she met K'arl's and his sensei and went to a illegal kumite. Since this date she organizes the wildest and more impressive fightings tournaments ever before in the past. Fighter from all over the places had come to fight. Winning means becoming rich, but if you loose you 'll DIE! Only the best and more prepared fighters apply for this kumite. K'arl never has had problems to win... But ─rztin gets bored with that and searches all over the world for a great fighter to defeat him. She has no mercy, neither they have.
K'arl is worried this year because he sees a special light on ─rztin eyes.

─rztin Geld -the woman at the shadows-:






Birth place:







Spain -Barcelona-

she has no heart,
no mercy at all,
she only plays to win

She says:
" This is our first, and hope not the last, work. We have
had a great and amazing time doing this page and also doing
the videos. We spent more than 5 hours to tape 4 minutes!!
but it was one of the funniest thing we have ever made but it
was one of the funniest thing we have ever made. The
page has mistakes, the videos too, we're not professionals,
Neither of us have ever studied computer design, arts, programming
so if you can improve in any form this. Tell us!"

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Johnny G.:
main members, Staff, more things.
Our senior master.
Young power.

─rztin Geld /FluWebmaster

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November 15th, 1996
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