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- This is a reduced version of the original TIFF. Soon the fullsize pic will be released.
The crazy Crew: Ärztin & Nörberg -

This is gonna be our film.
Great action, great fights, a superb script and a good story. What more you can imagine? The film will take place in real locations and more than 35 people will be involved.
By February 97 nearly 20 minutes have been taped. We're taping some introductory stuff. The real action ones will be taped later. We have some problems with scene location and also with our actors. Asking more than 20 individuals to come and to act is kind of difficult. Even more if they don't get paid. Anyway we're following our schedule.
Our second unit director, co-producer and photographer is leaving in a week to take pictures for a cutremagazine (cutre means poor quality and even worse name). Hope he'll enjoy taking pictures to swimsuit babes...
A new group member - Markus Essindi - will take care of editing our master for the Quiktime version.
A new member - Charles H. - joined us by March 3rd. He has some experience as TV spots model and will help Mrs. Geld and Nils with scene composition.
We make this just for fun and it will be released for free to all of you. Just leave e-mail to
Some ideas, suggest and stuff will be wellcome.


NEW FLU members:
Markus Essindi
Charles Cameron

As soon as i have time they will appear in their own page.
Anyways you can see them in action in our adds section
or in the staff page

be FLU! and enjoy imagination... she can take you whatever you want!

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