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Release # 2: Caribbean street fight


Johnny Garcia comes from La Habana Cuba. With much less technical features than other fighters his great flexibility, speed and the unfair tricks he uses, becomes a tough opponent. He only lives to win. As good Cuban, he loves cigars and wears Caribbean style. No more of his past is known, just that he was at the Cuban Army training elite forces. For that reason he is an expert with all kind of weapons. Brought by Ärztin to fight versus K'arl that has won all the kumites she has organized in the past. K'arl the great master of the past 5 years is not at his best conditions and Ärztin only wants to see good fights, no matter what could happen to oldtime "maestros".

Johnny Garcia:






Birth place:







La Habana

His great agility,
flexibility and endurance
Main weakness is his lack
of technique and a bad deffense

Who is Johnny G.?
Johnny has practiced Karate much less time that K'arl. He got the green belt. But a broken leg made him left Karate. He did Tae- Kwondo . He is at the college rigth now. At his last year. He was recruited by chance in a Party he was not supposed to go. Since the first moment he got involved in the project and worked hard. ok pal, that's all he lets me to tell you!

K'arl says
"This unique "look" i wear is just a revenge of Ärztin for anything I don't know. Since you know I'm the bad guy in the plot. that recives all the pain... that wears old 70's and all this things... My technique is much less impressive than K'arl's... but I can manage to win. Step on his feet, throw sand to his eyes.... I don't know the word looser and everything is ok to reach the victory! The little show that i made is just something Ärztin wanted me to do... so do not laugh at me please... she forced me....

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